Checkered blend

Back to the Japan posts! I was (and still am) very excited about this shoot, because I know it is very rare to be able to shoot in the middle of a very busy road in Tokyo, where normally is a 24/7 traffic jam. So we were crossing this road when I noticed that it was closed down for cars due to constructions. I saw the perfect opportunity here to have a quick shoot (even though I just woke up, so don’t mind my sleepy face) and the rest is history ;)

Have you noticed how extremely clean the road is? Well, not only the streets but everywhere you go. Even though there are so many smokers in Japan, you won’t find any cigarettes on the streets. It feels kind of surreal, like you are walking through a movie set. More impressive about this part is that you cannot find any trashcans on the streets! You just have to carry your garbage until you are home or a supermarket or something. The pride, decency and respect of the Japanese culture is something to admire. There are sooo many other great things that shapes Japan as this unique place in the world. I will dedicate a full blog article about this soon.

This look is actually inspired by the street style I have seen in our first days in Tokyo. You find checkered pieces everywhere, so this checkered oversized blouse that I am wearing as a dress is the perfect piece for me to blend in. Covered with an oversized blazer, fabulous hat and ‘walkable’ boots was the look to go sight seeing that day.

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Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo Checkered blend Tokyo

blouse: Lune Moire (similar here)
blazer: Zara (similar here)
boots: Topshop
hat: H&M
bag: Alexander Wang
bracelet: Mango
necklace: Mango
heart ring: Jewellery by Sophie

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