Catch-up w/ Lily No.1


I ALWAYS GET so excited with new energy after a creative brainstorm, deciding on new things. “Catch up with Lily” is a bit like the former “Away From Keyboard” series on the blog, but with an upgraded design. I stopped creating those blog posts since Instagram Stories, but I notice that I enjoy reading those old articles back as my diary. 

So here it is, my diary posts 2.0. I hope you like this series! 

X Lily


Mochi, the love of my life, next to Nigel obviously ;) But I can’t help being in love all over again. This cutie is the softest and fluffiest thing I own. 

Name: Mochi  | Date of birth: June 7th, 2020 | Breed: Siberian cat

cI have been begging for a cat every single day for about a year now. Truth to be told, I was more a dog person before, but that’s because I had never owned a cat I think. I still love both of the species equally, but I can’t deny how much easier Mochi fits into our lifestyle. 

It was love at first sight. We went to three different catteries all over the country. The third one was where we met Mochi and he basically picked us. He came to us and was sleeping on my lap while his siblings didn’t pay that much attention to us. That was it, we knew we had to bring him home.

If I have to describe his characteristics, I would say that he is adventurous, sweet, energetic, and such a cuddler. I love it that we can take him to so many places. We even went to the beach with him one day to watch the sunset. I couldn’t ask for a better little companion. Beware that Mochi will have his fixed section in “Catch up with Lily” ;).

Lily and Mochi


My very first Armani Beauty event, the launch of their newest fragrance MY WAY at Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam. 

Armani Beauty Press Event
Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

The campaign slogan is: “I am what I live”. The fragrance represents the curiosity and authenticity of a woman, who is willing to broaden their horizons and experiences with meaningful encounters around the world. I immediately felt the connection with the story and MY WAY smells good! 

After the presentation, there was a nice tea-ceremony with some sweets to catch up with some guests. I met the lovely Vera Camilla, who was sitting on the same table. Love meeting inspiring women, just like the one Armani described in the campaign ;)

Armani My Way Press Event



My dear friend Nancy is about to “pop” her second-born soon. It’s going to be a baby boy!! Her sister Aniek, also my very dear friend, threw her this beautiful blue baby shower at her place. 

Next to all the gifts and yummy food, we all had a task from Aniek to contribute to the handmade baby mobile. I sewed for 3 hours to make a thing that kind of looks like a turtle and I am kinda proud of it :D The result of all the creations together from all Nancy’s friends is just priceless. Such a cool idea for a personal gift for the newborn.

Boy Baby Shower Friends
Baby Boy Shower



Lots of press events are online these days. It’s such a genius way to stay up to date during COVID-times. Prins PR hosted a beauty Zoom meeting with Babassu brands, introducing new beauty products from the following brands: Perricone MD, Aromatherapy Associates, Benamor en Compagnie de Provence.

I have started using a few Perricone MD. It’s a new brand for me to try out for healthy aging. So far I really love it, so you will probably see these back in my monthly favorites.

Babassu Brands Release Zoom



It isn’t easy to open a co-working space during Covid-times. Still, there are no regrets when it comes down to co-founding Base Create Collab. It has been a journey and we are just starting. I promise I will dedicate a full blog post giving you a tour through Base, but for now I just want to share this fun pizza moment with our little supporting community of power women from different creative disciplines. These ladies give me so much energy on a daily basis by sharing an office together.
It makes me proud to see a beautiful growing community. To many more of these cosy get-togethers!

BASE Create Collab girls Lunch



Laboratory K Beauty Launch Amsterdam

Laboratory K opened its doors in September. The new store will only sell K-beauty products. All products are of Korean origin, vegan, cruelty-free and clean. The creator and owner of Laboratory K is fashion designer, winner of the Frans Molenaar award, Hyun Yeu. 

Hyun Yeu give me a tour and consulted me on the products. I mainly chose items from the Korean line Purito, which I have now been testing with satisfaction for two weeks.

Address: Huidenstraat 32, 1016 ET Amsterdam

Laboratory K 2



middelburg netherlands umbrella street


Damplein 20, 4331 GD Middelburg


Lunch at De Juf Middelburg
Lunch De Juf Middelburg
middelburg umbrellas street netherlands

top: Fendi | jeans: Zara | blazer: Zara | heels: Zara | bag: Fendi

MiddelBurg Umbrella Street
sea waves

Since traveling abroad has been off the map for the time being, I have been looking for gems within the borders. Apart from Goes, I haven’t seen much of the province of Zeeland, so a day trip in the last summer weekend was perfection.

We spent an afternoon walking around Middelburg. Unfortunately the shops were closed on Sundays, but there are plenty of nice restaurants and the Reigerstraat is full of colorful umbrellas for an Instagram shot.

Later in the afternoon we drove to Roompot to spend the rest of the day on the beach. A fun day out in your own country!

We also had an amazing lunch at De Juf. De Juf used to be a cake shop and it’s not turned into a restaurant. The food was  enjoyable and the cakes are definitely worth a try!

Middelburg Netherlands



I got a sneak peek a few weeks ago already, so I was anticipating the launch of the new Aveda Botanical Repair treatment ever since. It promised to be the next big line to intensively strengthen your hair. And all this without silicones and it’s vegan!
The Botanical Repair treatment you get in the salons is super pampering. I really really, but really enjoyed the 5-10 minutes head massage. The result is amazing, you really see my hair shine now!

I love visiting my go-to salon iinn, which is one of Aveda’s Flagship stores in Amsterdam. I go out the door as a different person with beautiful healthy hair and totally zen. I’m so lucky to be their ambassador. Check here my blog post about salon iinn.

Address: Singel 188, 1016 AA Amsterdam 

Aveda Hair Treatment INN Amsterdam
Aveda Hair Treatment INN Amsterdam
After Hair Treatment Aveda Hair Salon INN AMsterdam
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