#byLily July looks

July turned into a dark period on the 17th. I am still devastated by the MH17 incident, I am thinking about this every single day. Thinking about my warm hearted dear one whom I will never see anymore. I miss you so much and I can’t imagine what my best friend has to go through cooping with all the pain but also dealing with all the necessities that have to be done. I cannot comprehend what has happened and I surely don’t fully realize it yet. It is so weird to go on with your life like nothing has happened. Closure is much needed, giving it a place. It will take a long long time to process this and for now we can only pray that she is found and will be identified soon enough.

My blog activities had a lower priority this month but I think that will also be the case for the coming month. Meaning that I probably can’t stick to my usual schedule, but I will aim to do so.
Despite the painful loss this month, there were some highlights too. At these circumstances you can’t help to be more aware than ever how precious life is and that we should live life to the fullest. Every day counts to make it happen!

Some July highlights:

  • Como, Italy. It was such a nice get-away with our good friends. A road trip to bond and the most peaceful scenery at the lake with mountains to relax.
  • Fashion week. The second time I attended Mercedes-benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. I love love love the runway, it gets me so excited. I will never get bored of the art of fashion like this.
  • Weekend in France. I am addicted to traveling. Combining my blog with traveling is the most perfect job I can ask for. A wedding in Dijon was enough to be on the road again. Witnessed my first French wedding from our sweet friends. Spending romantic time with my bf in Paris. Counting my blessings <3

So, welcome August! I will start with great news tomorrow. I am organizing a serie of blogger events for the coming period. Tomorrow I will announce the first one to come. Stay tuned my blogger friends ;) For now, enjoy my July looks below. Have a lovely Sunday!!! X

Mennagio OOTD

Casual afternoon OOTD

Italian state of mind OOTD

Anything but dull OOTD

Wedding coordinator OOTD

And the winner is OOTD

Denim on Denim

Fashion Week OOTD

Back OOTD Utrecht

Hidden garden in Paris

Tour le Eiffel Paris

By Lily