Belt bag

The accessory of the '80s that made a comeback, bum bag, fanny pack, belt bag, whatever you want to call it. It has been my go-to-kind of bag the last seasons. 

There are so many variations of this belt bag these days, from the sporty old school ones to very classy ones with beautiful silhouettes in fancy fabrics. 
The most attractive part is the handsfree style, it's so convenient. Also the way you wear it (on the waist, like a cross body bag or shoulder bag) makes it a versatile piece in your bag collection. 

All the reasons to put the belt bag spotlight post this time. Any favorites from the selects? I have the one from Fendi (no. 4) high on my wish list <3

Belt bag throughout the years

The 15th century: 
In the Victorian times the French people wore a small bag on a belt called a Chatelaine. 

The early 1980s:
The 80s was the golden age for the fanny pack. The lightweight leather 'fanny pack' was designed to hold a cross-country skier's wax and lunch. It's also useful for other sports like cyclists, hikers, equestrians.
Also, it was the first wave of 'athleisure' dressing, where things intended for the gym make its way to the streets.

The 2000s:
There were various attempts throughout the 2000s to revive the fanny pack. In one episode of "The Sex & the City", Carrie Bradshaw was wearing a multi-compartmental Gucci bag low on her hips. She made functionality sexy. 

carrie bradshaw belt bag
source: Pinterest

Belt bag inspirations

belt bag collage

1. River Island (similar here),  €33/ 2. Sandro, €165 €99  / 3. Zara, €29.99 €19.99/ 4. Weekday, €35 / 5. Chanel, $3,400  / 6. Mango, €19.99 / 7. Laura Lombardi, €594.80 / 8. Fendi, €960 / 9. &OtherStories, €69.