Beauty travel essentials

— Tropical travels —

For the longest time I wanted to do a beauty post, because it’s such a big part of my daily routine. Somehow I have never done this before, but I would like to do more beauty related articles from now on. Starting with my travel essentials! I narrow this down to tropical travels, because there are much more products that I take with me for a Fashion week trip for example.

When I can was traveling to Marrakech I had some time left to shoot this article. So here are the products that I brought with me to this trip, my current travel essentials.


— Skin care —

La Mer mask

skin care


Starting with the most important part: Skin care. Keep your skin clean and moisturized is key. I have a little ritual when it comes down to this.

Moisturize mist
Especially with long flights I have this in my bag. My skin gets super dry in the air and I always make sure to spray this mist on my face every few hours to refresh.

I am a big fan of Clarisonic. I bought one a few years ago in The US and now they finally sell it almost everywhere these days :) I immediately noticed a big difference when I started using the brush in my cleanser routine. I use it in the evening to clean my face. They say Clarisonic is 6 times better than with your hands.
This is quite a big item to bring with you with travels, but I just can’t go without when I am away for more than 3 days. There is also a travel size Clarisonic, I might need to invest in one of those in the near future.

Face mask
Another ritual, not only with travel btw, is using face masks, preferably sheet masks. It’s really an indulgent and I feel like reborn after. I use a mask at least once a week. I stocked up a lot when I was in Asia, this one is a (expensive) sample from La Mer.

Sun protector
I should do this every day, but I somehow forget to use sun protectors. With travels on the other hand, I always bring it with me and use it. Gotta protect your skin!

Body milk
I take good care of my face, but I can’t really say this for my body. Especially my legs are always super dry, for which it’s a necessity to bring body milk/oil with me everywhere.
I got this Maroc Maroc body milk at Royal Mansour spa. It smells heavenly <3

I forget one important item here and that is organic oils. Currently I am using Jojoba oils ever day and night.

mask: La Mer
moisturizing soft cream: La Mer
face mist: Clinique
skin cleaner: Clarisonic
bb cream: Garnier
face sun protector: Ritual
body milk: Maroc Maroc

 — Hair —

moroccan oil

Hair oils
I am lucky to have so much and thick hair. I color my hair every 2 months, so the damage is already done. Plus the ironer I use every day. My damaged hair needs oils to recover and to look representable.

Dry Shampoo
The best discovery last year was the dry shampoo. I used to wash my hair every 2 days. Nowadays I reduced this to every 5-6 days to save my hair. On the first day I spray a little bit dry shampoo already to have some volume. And the last 2 days I use it to delay the process.
With my dark hair you often see the white spray with dry shampoos. Moroccan oil developed one for dark tones (also one for light hair).

Oil treatment: Moroccan oil
Dry shampoo: Moroccan oil

— Make up —

lancome grandiose

estee lauder make up


When it comes down to make up I don’t need that much when it’s really hot. I only use the basics to enhance my features.

Mascara and eyeliner. Always. My current favorites are the ones from theLancôme Grandiôse line and I am not only saying this because I have a collaboration with them (see here). There is a video coming up where you will see how easy it is to apply their eye liner :)

BB cream and concealer is a secondary must. I don’t use heavy make up with 30+ degrees, BB cream will do its job. I was trying out this Estée Lauder concealer, since it’s waterproof. Great coverage!
For the finishing touch I adore this blush, bronzer and high lighter palette. I bring it everywhere with me in my purse.

Never leave the hotel room without doing my eyebrows. I use a powder to shape the brows and finish it with a brow gel.
I love full eye brows, but not that many people have this naturally. Luckily we can cheat now with so many eye brow products. Since I have many bald areas, I brought this RevitaBrow travel kit with me to try out.
I often forget to use it every night, which doesn’t give the best results, but I can already tell that my brows are fuller then before!

eye liner: Lancome
mascara: Lancome
palette: Estée Lauder
waterproof concealer: Estee lauder
Brow kit: RevitaLash 

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