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Be Brave Collection inspired by the Queen of Pearls Elizabeth I.

The new collection FW’18 of Marlies Dekkers was inspired by the Queen of Pearls and is an ode to her powerful and prestigious dressing. A combination of splendid velvet, black lace and pearls makes this collection look royal and luscious at the same time.

For this editorial I interpreted the modern version of the Queen of Pearls. Nothing too fancy, wearing the corset as a top with denim jeans. Let the pearls be the glamourous centerpiece.

 Lingerie as outerwear is a trend you have to style carefully to remain classy. It’s not impossible, in fact, it’s an excellent challenge with a touch of braveness to show our confidence this way.

We should all crown ourselves as queens and rule our own life the way we want it to be.
To me, that is as inspirational as I can be..

marlies dekkers

Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth I. (1533-1603), also known as the Virgin Queen since she never got married or produced an heir, ruled as Queen of England and Ireland from November 1558 until her death on 24th March 1603. She established the English Protestant Church and during her reign she was more moderate compared to her father or siblings who reigned before.

Under Elizabeth’s government, England developed to one of the greatest forces in the world. Moreover, the Elizabethan era named after her is famous for the thriving of English Drama (e.g. Shakespeare and Marlowe). Elizabeth was a brave and brilliant woman who led the country to its best form, her reign lasted 45 years.  

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Wearing: Marlies Dekkers Couture collection

Photos by Saskia Maier
Location: Sir Adam Hotel, Amsterdam

*In collaboration with Marlies Dekkers

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