BaByliss 32mm iron

Kind compliment I often get is “I always see you with beautiful waves in your hair”. These waves have become my signature look. I always go for this look because it’s super easy and fast. The first day after washing my hair (every 6 days), I curl my hair which takes me 10-15 minutes, but once these curls are set, I can built on this with quick touch ups in just a few minutes in the next days.

Today I am sharing two curl looks that I created with the BaByliss Gold Ceramic iron 32 mm . The 32 mm is the biggest size, which is perfect for my mid-long hair to make nonchalant beach waves and the elegant loose curls looks.

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Creating the curls

1. Brush your hair thoroughly to avoid tangles. Make sure your hair is dry.2. This step is optional, but if you use the iron as much as I do, I would suggest to buy a product that protects your hair from the heat.
3. Devide your hair in sections as you may like to have a better overview. For me two sections is enough, but if you have more or longer hair, 3 or 4 sections might be easier.4. Depending on your hair type, you select the temperature of the iron. There are 3 options, 160, 180 and 200 degrees. As I have thick hair I go for 200. I would start with the 160 to see how your hair reacts to it and raise the temperature if you think it’s necessary.
5. There are two ways to set the curls. In the video below you can see it better, but it’s how you prefer to hold the iron. Either way, take a part of the hair, and start in the middle or at the points of your hair and twirl it until you have captured the full length of the hair.Hold it for a few seconds (I wait 5 seconds).BaByliss 32mm curl iron

Beach waves Look


To get the nonchalant beach waves look you take small parts of hair each time – about 2 to 3 cm. Alternate the direction with every strand of hair. Finally add some finishing serum, spray to define your curls even more. Shake your curls loose and there you go!

Loose curls Look


For the elegant loose curls look, you can take bigger parts of hair +/- 5cm. Curl your all your hair in one direction (so both side). Put a product in your hair to make it smooth. Brush your hair to soften the look. Tadaaaa!

On the BaByliss website you find the “Ken je haar-tool” in Dutch, where they give you advise which BaByliss tools is suitable for your hair type, also handy for hair inspiration.

Ceramic iron 32 mm: BaByliss brush: BaBylissStyle-prep smoother: Aveda Split end repair: Avedatop: Zara shorts: Ted Baker

Location: Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam (Junior suite) Photo by Saskia Maier (assisted by Jenny Dai) *In collaboration with BaByliss