away from keyboard

AFK #30 already! This time I show you my offline activities since I am back from Indonesia. A lot of events, pressdays, but also my birthday and the H&M x Balmain sale. In between all this I escaped to Paris for a weekend, which will be a separate diary. Enjoy!! Happy Sunday guys!! X

Rewardstyle Masterclass
Gaining blog knowledge at the RewardStyle masterclass with Monnier Freres. Need to put all the information into practice. 
RewardStyle masterclass amsterdam
RewardStyle masterclass amsterdam

Tried out a nice place in Amsterdam. Vascobelo is located in a book store. This place is super central, yet hidden. Will me my new hotspot to hang, with really nice coffee and lunches!
Vascobelo lunch amsterdam

Okay, on sunny days like this I really like fall.

Back to fashion after weeks. First press day of this season was at Cream PR. Love this dramatic coat from upcoming designer Benchellal.
Benchellal cream Pr

Boohoo breakfast
Boohoo breakfast at Hashtag Workmode to see the new Fall Winter collection. See my favorite items below. I can’t wait to show you the photoshoot of the skirt and top in Paris.
Boohoo breakfast at hashtag workmode #wearenow

Boohoo breakfast at hashtag workmode #wearenow

Closed Fashion
I think I should be ashamed that I didn’t know this label ‘Closed‘ yet. I went to their showroom to see the collection and I seriously want to take everything home with me. 
Closed fashion amsterdam
Closed fashion amsterdam
Mooi PR
Mooi PR pressdays are always fun. I like it that they always turn their HQ to a very instagrammable place.
mooi pr pressday

Omoda Mooi pr

swarovski mooi pr

shoes: Tamaris
bag: Pauls Boutique London
Tamaris shoes #fromwhereistand #shoefie

C&A flagship store opening
I went to the grand opening of C&A in the morning. The renewed store is enormous. I normally don’t really shop here, but I came across a lot of  great items when I was looking around to find things to redeem my voucher. For example, I am super happy with the turtlenecks that I got, wearing it almost every week! I am going back soon to get those other colors ;)
C&A store opening amsterdam breakfast

C&A store opening amsterdam

Metropolitan Amsterdam
My little office for an afternoon at Metropolitan restaurant. 
Metropolitan Amsterdam

Nathalie Kemna
Catch up with this cutie. I haven’t seen her in months! 
nathalie kemna & Lily

I didn’t really celebrate my birthday. However, these guys really made me feel like a birthday girl, when they surprised me at work like this.
Happy birthday

OONA welcome days
Oona press days are always one of my favorites. Checked out the enormous Spring Summer collection at their rooftop with a beautiful view over Amsterdam. 
oona welcome days

oona welcome days

oona welcome days

H&M x Balmain
Yep.. call us crazy. We were queuing for the Balmain collection at 3 AM! The worst part of this is that we weren’t even in the first group! It’s something I do with my girls every year, no matter which designer. Balmain is our favorite so far though. This year happend to be the most crazy and fun one so far. I bought the leather jacket, sandals, ring and t-shirt. I soooo regret I returned the black and white blouse and the belt that you see below.
I am already curious about the next designer. Though, it will be tough to top Balmain after this collection!
HM x Balmain amsterdam

HM x Balmain amsterdam

HM x Balmain amsterdam

drie greafjes amsterdam

HM x Balmain amsterdam5