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Normally I post my photo diaries of two weeks in the weekends. I post this artikel earlier because I want to publish Amsterdam Fashion Week (from this Thursday) separately, so these are photos from 1 week of fun instead of 2. The high lights were the Friends of the brands event and the official registration of ‘Hashtag by Lily’ at KVK (Chamber of commerce)! 

Friends of the brands

It was an honour to be invited to the exclusive ‘Friends of the brands’ event for bloggers and BN’ers (famous Dutch people). It was the third edition already and for me the first time attending. It was held at Sofitel The Grand Hotel in Amsterdam, a beautiful location. There were a lot of brands present, I will show you a few below.

It’s an event to get to know brands and getting spoiled by them. It was not only about receiving gifts though, there was also a charity attached, namely ‘Look good Feel better’ foundation to help women with cancer feeling better about themselves after a brave and challenging time. I donated a few things like make up and parfum to help a bit. You can also easily help if you want to, read more about this foundation on there website, here.

Friends of the brands

Friends of the brands

Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam hotel

After a quick breakfast we went to the suites where the brands were waiting for us. I passed by this hotel many times before, but this was the first time to witness this luxury hotel from the inside. Gotta love the classy ambiance, like these pink rooms with big windows. I also had to take this photo from the toilette with heated seats and many more options, it reminded me of Japan.

The Grand Sofitel

The grand hotel Amsterdam toilette

Ultimate ears

Ultimate ears are boxes you can bring with you everywhere, even in the water. They were demonstrating this in a bath with flowers. It still had amazing sound in the water.

Ultimate ears

Nivea #beschermjehuid

I am more aware of UV protection than ever. I used to put none or very low factor on my skin when I went baking in the sun. Nowadays I don’t really ‘bake’ anymore and I make sure to protect my skin with at least factor 30.
Nivea had a UV camera, which you can see the UV coverage on your skin. The darker the better.

Nivea #beschermjehuid

Yoni toxic free tampons

A friend of mine has recently already told me that the common tampon contains a lot of toxic chemicals. Always a bummer to discover that so many things in your daily life contain so many bad things for you. Yoni is a toxic free tampon brand, so the solution to my worries :)

Yoni toxic free tampons


This is the biggest and heaviest goodie bag ever! Below is only a small part of the goodies. As you can see, we were spoiled rotten. Thank you so much lovely brands, I am going to try it ALLL out! And thank you Friends of the Brands for having me on this fun morning!!



 Hammock weather

The tropical weather was not unnoticed last week. I worked a lot inside, but it was nice to take a break like this in between :)
bikini: Gypsea

Gypsea dino string cropt top bikini


So Larissa and I had something to celebrate last week. We went to KVK (Chamber of commerce) to register ‘Hashtag by Lily’, but also another business that we have been working on together. We don’t want to jinx it, so we wait until the right time to announce everything. How cool is that, we are business partners now!

Chilling with Larisa Bruin

rocking ballerina

Polaroid memories

Asia memories with a bowl of fruit in my creative flatlay mood.

Polaroid fruit bowl flatlay

Rainarai lunch

The coming days will be super busy. I won’t see my boyfriend much, so we planned a date last Sunday at this cute Algerian restaurant. It is such a great place to have lunch or dinner. We were sitting on the floor next to the water with the beautiful Amsterdam scenery.


Rainarai lunch Prinsengracht1

Rainarai lunch Prinsengracht


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