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Every time I do a recap or a monthly favorite article, I am forced to take the time to evaluate while I am prepping the content. It’s always a checkpoint for me, to have a grateful heart.

This is a really good “exercise” or therapy session for me, as I do get overwhelmed often to keep up in the fast lane. Taking this time to reflect and appreciate all the big and small achievements helps me a lot. Because the journey to your goal is actually even more important than achieving the goal itself.

With all the new adventures that I am starting, I can only trust on my visualizations by believing in them by heart and giving my utmost best. It’s a scary journey, but mostly an exciting one! At least this way I can be proud of myself no matter the result.

That said. I am grateful for all the things that are on these monthly lists that I get to experience. It’s curated with the best intensions to give you my sincere recommendations. You know I receive a lot of things, but most of these favorites (70%) are from my own "investments". I only share it when I truly love it. I hope you like it once again!

X Lily


Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Hydrating 3-in-1 Setting Spray

€30,59  Bobbi Brown

Primer, hydrating and setting spray in one. I mostly use it after my make up. This transparent fixing spray preps your skin for the foundation, finishing touch for longer lasting make up or a refreshing spray to give you that glow.

Giorgio Armani Light di Gioia

€74,70  Giorgio Armani

For the summer I obviously opt for lighter scents, especially during the day. The whole di Gioia collection from Giorgio Armani smells like the summer. These four eau de perfume range represent the sky, aqua, light, air. I use all of them, but I tend to go for the pink one –sky- a bit more often ;)


€20,30  Skyn Iceland

Facelift in a bag! These hydro cool firming gel pads have a ‘’sticker’’ texture that makes it super easy to apply without making your fingers feel wet and sticky. It’s perfect to use when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning as you can take them off in 10 minutes. If you tend to travel a lot by plane this is a beauty must-have to bring along. The result: wrinkles and lines are smoothened out and your under eyes are well-rested.



Yeonmi Park – In order to live 


Yeonmi Park is such an extraordinary Korean woman with the toughest past I have ever heard. She escaped North-Korea at the age of 13. In this memoire, she describes the situation in North-Korea and what happened to her family, when her dad was captured in prison and how she escaped to China.

Hard to believe someone can survive so many horrible things in life and end up having the strength to be a human rights activist. Her speech at the One Young World summit went viral, which gives you a good first impression of her story --> watch it here. One everyone should know.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is the newest edition of the iconic Quentin Tarantino movie line up. The main characters starring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie. The story follows the career of a B-actor (DiCaprio) alongside his best friend, stuntman, (Brad Pitt) with the ups-and-downs of working in the entertainment industry in the late '60s of Hollywood.

I do think the first part lasted a bit too long. Nevertheless, the ending was truly epic making it worth watching.  The chemistry between Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio was super enjoyable. Along with the movie soundtrack and classy Tarantino filmography made it an entertaining movie to watch.

The Journey KLM

I discovered the podcast app on my iPhone last year and I am hooked on it ever since. I always ask other people what to listen. Nowadays I have my favorites that I listen to daily (check out my favorites in this blog post, here).

I pick the channel according to my mood. In the morning I tend to listen to inspirational (business)podcasts and in the evening I long for more spiritual or adventure stories.

The journey by KLM podcast falls in the last category adventure. As a travel enthusiast, I can really relax and get excited by listening to these characters who tells their life changing travel stories. Every episode is so different, but all very captivating with the sound effects. Love the way they share these stories; it really brings them “alive”.


Thinx period panties August Favorites
Body jewel stickers
Retro Game Phone Case Aliexpress August Favorites

Thinx Period-proof underwear

€41,99  Thinx

Say goodbye to using pads and tampons, Thinx underwear is a great replacement to use for your time of the month (so it's sustainable as well!). When I bought my first pair of ‘Hiphuggers’ because of hype from my fellow babes at the office, I was surprised by the wearability. I experienced no discomfort at all and I think it is a genius concept. At the end of the day, the undies didn’t release an unusual scent, I rinsed mine thoroughly, put it into a mesh bag, into the washing machine.

Thinx undies come in a range of classy designs, and the durability is really good. I used it myself for on my more lighter days, however, to complete my cycle, I need 4 more, so I am planning to get them as it is a sustainable investment for the long term.

Leg Avenue Body Jewels

€9,95  Leg Avenue

When I attended Chin Chin Fest last month, I was super excited to put on a festive summer outfit, however, the Dutch weather, did not collaborate at all. So I was still looking for a little something-something to sparkle my look. I came across Leg Avenue Body Jewels, they have a variety of jewel stickers that suit your party aesthetic. You can only use the sticker once!

Retro Game Phone Case

€16,06  Ali Express

#TBT, this IPhone case brings back my childhood memories as I used to play with my Gameboy console back in the day. With this phone case I can play over 24(!) games from Tetris, Donkey Kong to Super Mario Brothers. Funny that I still remember these levels by heart (that's how often I played these games). I can't believe that all of these are available on the back of my phone now!


massage.drc amsterdam
King Kumpir

Duke of Tokyo

Reguliersdwarsstraat 37, 1017 BK Amsterdam

Gather your ‘’Singstar’’ squad and have a karaoke night at Duke of Tokyo. I organized a bachelor party for my friend at the location and it was such a fun experience. The vibe was really nice, and I loved the Tokyo decorative. They have a big range of music genres and the sound system has a strong bass which makes the karaoke experience even better! You can rent a booth for you and your friend up to bigger groups (from 4 to 25 people).

Home massage @Massage.drc  


From 35€ – €80  Massage Detox Relax Contour

Express love to your body with a massage! Claudia from Massage DRC gives Detox, Relax, Contour massages at your desired location in Amsterdam (i.e. home, office). I had the massage in my living room.

I was so ready for a healing, relaxing me time. It was my first time having a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Cupping massage. Lymph is a fluid that flows through our body and this fluid is responsible for draining waste and excess moisture. By applying pressure, this technique effectively removes those toxins.

Cupping is a technique where it stimulates the circulation of blood, lymph and prana (energy). When having this massage multiple times it can lead to many benefits including: skin improvement and body contouring. Apparently, It is more effective than a juice cleanse, but I like the idea of taking care of your body from the inside out and vice-versa! 

King Kumpir  

€4,95  King Kumpir
Amsterdam | Rotterdam

This is my favorite vegan Turkish snack, King Kumpir, a smash potato filled with your favorite toppings. I call it a snack but it’s actually really filling, so I eat it for dinner. I order mine with all the toppings besides brown beans and raw onions (ieh!) The dish is also available in tuna or chicken. I suggest you give it a try!


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