3 days in Bohol

— Bohol —

So many beautiful islands in The Philippines, if you are visiting for a very limited time, like me, you better choose wisely! If you are in Cebu (more about Cebu here), I highly recommend to take a 2 hour boat trip to Bohol. This island offers beautiful beaches and there is much more to explore than just that.

On the motorbike we targeted a few cool places that I want to share with you. Also, we went in the month of June, which is in the raining season. We were lucky that we only had two short rain showers though.
Enjoy the high lights of our 3 day trip in Bohol.

x Lily

Bohol Beach Club

Bohol Beach club is a beautiful 4 star beach resort in Bohol. A white clean beach with lots of palm trees. Read the full review –> here.

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1. Tarsier monkey

Visit this little conservation area for Tarsier monkeys if it’s on your way. Here you see a few of the the smallest monkeys. You pay 60 pesos (€1) entrance. We stayed here for 15 minutes. You can’t touch the monkeys and you can’t use the flash on your camera.

address: Loay Interior Road, Loboc, Bohol

Tarsier sanctuary monkies bohol

2. Chocolate hills

Bohol’s tourist attraction, the Chocolate hills. There is a vista point to see the formation of the these hills. The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name. Green or brown, the sight is really spectacular.

Chocolate hills the philippines

Chocolate hills bohol

3. Bohol Bee farm

An amazing organic concept, with restaurants, ice cream, hotel, coffee, spa and much more. The lunches are really pretty with eatable flowers on my salad. They have very unique ice cream flavors, served in a cassave cone.

address: Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, 6339 Bohol
website: www.boholbeefarm.com

Bohol bee farm

4. Firefly kayaking

I was very excited to check off the fireflies from my bucket list. Bohol is one of the few places where you can see these fireflies. I highly recommend to choose for the eco-friendly kayaking tour instead of the motorized boats. Be aware that you have to kayak for 2 hours to the mango trees where the fireflies are, but the experience is really worth it! Also, the guides will happily share all their knowledge, which is really inspiring. Too bad I can’t show you a good photo of how gorgeous the sight of thousands of fireflies are. I guess you have to see it for yourself, because it was the high light of the trip!! And if you can’t wait,  check it out in my vlog below. The tour is including pick up and dinner!

tip: bring extra clothes & Mosquito spray

Kayakasia Philippines
Telephone number: 09328552928
Email: kayakbohol@gmail.com

Bohol fire fly kayak

Kayakasia bohol

— Vlog —

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