10 Favorites From October

October Favourites 2020


In a blink of an eye, we are almost at the end of the year already. So far, October was the best month of 2020 I have to say. I finally got to travel (for work to Lisbon) again, which meant a lot to me mentally. I came back as a different person, with new energy. Work is picking up again, which gives me a better purpose. I also celebrated my birthday, which I normally escape.

Reflecting on the month of October made me realize once again how blessed and grateful I am. Now let’s keep up the spirit! November let’s goo!

Here are my 10 favorites from last month! 

X Lily



Giorgio Armani, Eye Tint Eyeshadow

€30.61 | via Douglas

Giorgio Armani’s new liquid eyeshadow collection is the perfect product for when you’re in a rush. Eyeshadow is something I always spend ages putting on and with this, it makes it so much easier. The eye tint goes from liquid to solid and lasts for 16 hours. It comes in 20 different colours. You can even use this tint as an eyeliner, highlighter, or layer it for a day to night time.


swati lenses jade

SWATI, Jade Color Lenses

€50.40 | via Douglas

I took these SWATI lenses to Lisbon for fashion week and they were such a great addition to my outfits! These lenses work with any eye colour and makes a shade unique to everyone. These lenses are worth the investment as they last for 6 months. I have these in shade Jade.


foreo ufo 2


€279.00 | via De Bijenkorf

Foreo’s new power mask the UFO 2 is worth the investment to add to your skincare routine. The UFO 2 features a fashion massage, LED light therapy. Faster heating and cooling compared to their first edition and even includes an app that supports you in the process of personalizing your routine. There are many different types of masks you can choose from the collection. I tried the FOREO CANNABIS SEED OIL.


grey white autumn looks


€24.99 | via Uniqlo

When I saw the AIRISM mask’s launched in Europe, I went straight to get them. These masks aren’t your typical cloth masks. They’re designed to be comfortable and protective with a triple layer built inside. The fabric is even self-deodorising, how cool is that! These are my go to masks now. You can even see how I style them on my recent post here


The Beef Chief Amsterdam Burgers

The Beef Chief

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85 | @the.beef.chief

The Beef Chief is a restaurant we went out to try this month. Located in Amsterdam Noord, it’s home to some very juicy burgers. Not only does the food taste amazing but the interior is on point as well – a hipster proof spot. If you’re a big fan of burgers, I highly recommend checking it out! Don’t forget to also try out the loaded Kimchi fries, they’re just as amazing.


lyre nonalcoholic drink

Lyre’s Alcohol Free Drink

€25.99 | via Lyre’s

As you might now, I’m not a big alcohol drinker so it was nice to be able to try out this non alcoholic cocktail! Lyre’s has got a selection of different styles of alcohol ranging from low-alcohol to no-alcohol. They sell many different spirits and is definitely worth the try – it tastes exactly like it should! I made a “Gin tonic” with my bottle of Lyre’s “Dry London spirit”.


Tastea Mug On the Go

Tastea Energizing Tea

€19.95 – 27.95 | via Tastea

Tea is such a big part of my lifestyle. I drink it anywhere and everywhere. I even bring my own tea when I am traveling, because I can be picky when it comes down to tea blends.

I was excited to try the 100% natural Tastea. My favorite one so far is the energy boost with 🍊 taste in it. I can drink this one the whole day, whether I am cocooning inside or taking an autumn walk outside.

You can try it with 15% discountcode “Lily” ✨


a-china brown sugar boba

A-Chino Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar

€9.00 | Amazing Oriental

I love a good bubble tea once in a while. Luckily there are more places to get them in Amsterdam nowadays. I was even more amazed when I found this box of buba ice cream bars in the toko. Even though everything is frozen, the tapioca balls remain very chewy. Definitely try this one out if you’re a buba fan!


Mochi Pet Cat Bag
Mochi Pet Cat Bag

Pet Astronaut Space Bubble Carrier Bag

USD 27.51 | via Aliexpress

Every time I leave the house, I always feel so sad leaving Mochi at home. I found this space bubble carrier bag from Aliexpress and it’s perfect to bring Mochi out on walks! Mochi loves it and is always looking around and you bring a smile to everyone’s face when they see your pet in this bag :)



iPhone Holder

via Aliexpress

With us going into a second lockdown now, it’s back to more online meetings meaning I’m always on FaceTime. I got this iPhone holder as it’s perfect to let my phone sit while I have my meetings instead of holding it.

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