10 Favorites From May

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I haven’t made a favorite list since quarantine. Other priorities were there when Covid-19 hit, but I kept a list to eventually share it today. So here we are!
These were mini highlights of my quarantine period!

X, Lily


Banana plant

Banana Plant

€24,95 (via Ikea)

I have been redecorating my home since I have to spend so much time within the walls. Plants are these small investments that make a cozy impact in a room. When I was getting inspiration from Pinterest, it was pretty clear that I wanted a big banana plant in my living room.
I’m working on a blog post to give you a glimpse of my living room and you will definitely spot my banana plant then.


Dyson pure hot cool air purifier

Dyson pure hot cool air purifier

€699 (via Bol.com)

As pollution increases, I am happy that I received this Dyson, which has the technology to counter it. Next to this, you can use this purifier as a cooler and a heater.
I wish I had this purifier earlier, so I could test it out on my hay fever allergies. I have it quite early in the year, in March, and it slowly fades when summer arrives. I can properly test it out next year for sure! 

For now I put it in the living room, and I really see a difference when I am cooking. It’s a really interesting piece of technology. It gives me peace of mind when I see the air quality is good in the room.


Bloom Effects cleansing jelly

Bloom Effects Cleansing Jelly

€36 (via Bloom Effects)

The cleansing jelly from Bloom Effects actively dissolves oil and all traces of makeup without stripping your skin. It gives your skin a royal cleanse with no parabens and sulfates.
It comes with a really cute tulip spatula.


Pixi Vitamin C Priming Oil

Pixi +C Vitamin Priming Oil

€31 (via De Bijenkorf)

The Pixi Vitamin +C priming oil nourishes, energized and balances your skin for a radiant glow. The product absorbs instantly and leaves your skin hydrated. It’s perfect to use underneath your makeup.


Mollerusswiss bag

Mollerus Bucket Bag

€839 (via Mollerus.com)

The sneeze bucket bag from Mollerus is handmade and from high-quality materials. It is a spacious bag, so I can use it even with my laptop in it. I picked this color because it’s easy to match with my looks. I have been using this one a lot lately.


The fashion filter mask

The Fashion Filter Facemask

€43,50 (via Labeledby.com)

I was pro facemask already long before the Dutch government finally obligated people to wear it in public transport.
I understand that it’s not the culture here in Europe to wear face masks. My philosophy is: a bulletproof vest doesn’t guarantee you from being killed, but it might save your life!

I was lucky that I stocked up some when I was in Asia last year. But nowadays you can luckily get it more and more online and in stores. I received this purple one from Fashion Filter, which includes 3 filters.


Golden straws metal

Golden straws

€6,49 (via Bol.com)

These golden straws are from stainless steel and very sustainable. The straws come with a little brush to clean the inside of the straws. The straws are not only cute, but also very environment-friendly!


Casio piano white

Casio piano

€699 (via Thomann)

This white piano from Casio is a beautiful quality piece and should make me the next Mozart, at least I can try ;)
I played piano when I was 10, but pretty much forgot everything except for two songs.

It was a generous surprise from my fiancé. And I love learning new songs daily from Youtube. It’s the perfect quarantine gift! 

Check out my skills on instagram.


Oreo biscuits

Oreo biscuits 

€1,85 (via Albert Heijn)

This delicious sandwich cookie is also known as oreo biscuit. It’s basically my new crack. I have it with me all the time and I am willing to do extra sit ups for it, because they are too damn delish!




€4,71 (via Oriental)

Kimchi is a traditional dish from the Korean kitchen. It’s made of cabbage and other vegetables with many variants. I really love Korean food and I always make sure to eat Kimchi on the side when I am in a restaurant. I recently tried this Kimchi from the Asian supermarket and it tastes as good as the ones I order.

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