10 Favorites From August

August Favorites


My August highlight, probably the highlight of the year, was adopting my new cat Mochi! Yep, crazy (first time) cat mum is born, as I am obsessed with my new baby. I was wondering if I have fellow cat mums readers on the blog :) Because I kinda want to create a cat post here soon *lol. 

Other than Mochi, I have been trying a lot of new (beauty) products, as lots of new collections have been launched lately. Hope you enjoy the recommended favorites of this month! 

X Lily



Oscar De La Renta, Bella Essence

€46.34 | via Douglas

When I first looked at this perfume, the bottle was what captured me. Bella Essence by Oscar De La Renta is my new go to perfume. It’s luxurious scent is so fresh and chic: a great perfume for the summer to fall transition.  I have been wearing this scent every day for the past month, and I’m still obsessed! The bottle itself is amazing too with the 3D rose detailing.


Pixi Clarity Toner

Pixi – Clarity Tonic

€24.99 | via ASOS

The clarity toner by Pixi is a great lightweight toner that’s designed to restore a natural soft glow.
The Clarity Collection is suited for all skin types, especially when you have congested skin. Even though it contains a number of acids, it isn’t harsh on the skin.
It can be used for both your morning and nighttime routine. If you’re on the hunt for a great toner, I would suggest trying this one out.


Easy Dry and go Tangle Teezer Hair Brush

Tangle Teezer – Easy Dry & Go

€21.66 | via Douglas

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I’ve been testing out Tangle Teezer’s new hairbrush: Easy Dry and Go. It features a patented teeth technology that quickly dries your hair, claiming delivery of natural volume, lift, and smoothness. Sounds too good to be true right?

I am pleasantly surprised. After using it for the past month, it has definitely toned down my frizzy hair. If you want to see how I blow-dry my hair with the Easy Dry and Go, have a look on my IGTV –> here!


Zo!Schoon Starter Packet Cleaning

ZO Schoon

€14.99 | via Zo!Schoon

It’s hard to find cleaning products that are natural and environmentally friendly. Especially with corona, I have been cleaning a lot more frequently but that also means more exposure to chemicals. I’ve been using Zo! Schoon’s cleaning kit and it’s great as it is environmentally friendly, natural and vegan ingredients, and mostly importantly, cleans great!

I suggest trying out the starter pack as it consists of a sprayer, a refill bag and 1 microfibre cloth. One of the best things about Zo! Schoon is that the refill bag consists of 10 refills. I don’t have to buy a surface cleaner for a while.


shift-i-fruits-glx19 Shower Vitamin Essence

Shower Vitamin Essence

€35.00 | via Haru Haru Beauty

Did you know tap water can be either too acidic or alkaline for your hair? Sometimes, the PH value of the water you use could be causing any hair problems you’ve been having. I’ve discovered this really cool product to add to your shower routine. This vitamin essence from SHIFTi is a plug in to your shower head. It helps to nourish your skin and hair from the vitamins and purifies the water from the carbon filter. I never thought I would need something like this, but it was definitely upgraded my showers. I would highly recommend giving it a try.


xenos jewellry holder

Xenos – Jewellery Holder

€8.49 | via Xenos

I love being able to put my jewellery on display. This jewellery holder from Xenos is so beautiful. The emerald green suede material even helps keep the necklaces in place. As you can see I’ve also added my watches and bracelets to the display.


Spot on Lily Tjon en Rowan Blijd


Check them out on Instagram | Youtube

Spot On is a youtube channel from The Netherlands that is a platform for women and by women. The platform invites many different guests over to talk about breaking taboos and overall women empowerment.

I am so glad to be part of this community as a guest this time! Rowan Blijd interviewed me for the episode on their channel about my secret love story. Have a watch here and also check the other guests too!


Stem Cell Donation Matchis.nl

Stichting Matchis

FREE | Matchis.nl

It does not take much to help save someone’s life. This month I have taken the time to sign up as a potential stem cell donor. Patients who have leukemia or a blood disease could be cured of a donor’s healthy stem cells. It is very difficult to find a match with an unrelated donor, but that doesn’t say there still is a chance!

Did you know there is a scarcity of Asian stem cell donors in the database?

Please have a look at matchis.nl and see how you can take part in becoming a donor. As you can see all I am doing is taking a cheek swab and send it back to the laboratory. That’s it! It’s that easy. 


Sushi Taksteeg Amsterdam

Sushi Taksteeg

Taksteeg 3, 1012 PB Amsterdam | Directions here

Sushi Taksteeg is located in a small alleyway in Amsterdam, right between Kalverstraat and Rokin. It’s easy to miss but certainly a must-try. 

It’s a small restaurant, owned by an adorable couple. They serve a selection of Japanese dishes, specialized in sushi. The rice is always cooked perfectly and the fish is fresh.

Note: you can only pay cash here!


Six-Pack App

Free for 30 days  

Gyms may have opened up again in The Netherlands, but I still prefer working out from home nowadays. I’ve been using the Six Pack App now and it’s a great addition to my morning routine before heading to the office. This app is all about building your abs and core. You can follow a training program but also just follow along with any routines that are interesting. The first month is free to follow a beginner’s workout on the app (which is what I followed). After the 30 days, I definitely feel a difference in my workouts and I now have the subscription. 

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