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City centre Eindhoven

Born and raised in Eindhoven, this city is where I still feel at home, even though I moved to Amsterdam years ago. So much has changed over the years though. I have been rediscovering Eindhoven for a while now because this city develops at such a fast pace.

Eindhoven is a perfect place for a day trip or a weekend away with a friend. It’s only 1 hour and 20 minutes train ride from Amsterdam. It’s the city of design, tech and so much more. Me as a foodie got pretty excited to explore the different areas around town. There are so many hotspots in such a relatively small city that I decided to dedicate a blog post of amazing hotspots in the city center first. And the other areas will be in a blog post next. 

Hotel Marienhäge

Hotel Mariënhage is a boutique hotel located in the DOMUSDELA complex, in the city centre. It’s a mix of modern art and design in a monumental building where the former Mariënhage monastery once stood. There is wellness, gym facility, and an in-house brasserie Rita. 

Address: Kanaalstraat 4, 5611 CT Eindhoven
Website: Marienhage.com

Hotel Marienhage Eindhoven
Hotel room Marienhage Eindhoven
Hotel Marienhage

1. Sissyboy

When in city center, you can’t miss the blob, an excentric building of glass across the former Philips factory. Here is one of Sissyboy’s locations where you can buy trendy lifestyle products. On the first floor, you will find their restaurant for a drink or lunch in this stunning piece of architecture.

Address: Nieuwe Emmasingel 2, 5611 AM Eindhoven
Website: Sissyboy.com

Sissy boy 1982 Eindhoven restaurant

2. Möge

A pitstop for bubble tea lovers. Möge is a brand new bubble tea shop that specializes in cheese topped, fruit, and milk tea. They are using natural and fresh ingredients for rich flavors. I have tried quite some flavors and I liked the fruity flavors the most. 

Address: Jan van Lieshoutstraat 12, 5611 EE Eindhoven
Website: Mogetee.com

MOGE Bubble tea Eindhoven
Mogee Eindhoven

3. ANSH 46

ANSH46 is a concept store with a creative Japanese design aesthetic, which most will rave about. You will find well-curated designer pieces in the store from Balenciaga, Acne Studios to JW Anderson.

Their menu has a variety from small snacks to drinks at the ANSH46 cafe. It’s all vegan and again, the design of the teacups to pastries makes the experience complete. 

Address: Grote Berg 72, 5611 KL Eindhoven
Website: Ansh46.com

ANSH46 Eindhoven cafe
ANSH 46 oatmilk
ANSH46 design chairs
ANSH46 Eindhoven
cafe Menu Ansh46 Eindhoven

4. Houben worstenbrood

Worstenbroodjes (sausage rolls) are local specialties from Noord-Brabant. Houben worstenbroodjes is a family-owned business for almost eighty years now and part of the Eindhoven DNA these days. Made with honest and quality ingredients, they are not only famous in Eindhoven but throughout the whole country. 

When we got a little tour here at their store/restaurant, I soon realise it’s so much more than just worstenbroodjes. It’s the full story of family history that meets modern concepts from new generations to make it full circle. 

I tried both the classic and the vegetarian options and they are both so tasty. Make sure to make a pitstop here when you’re in Eindhoven.

Address: Willemstraat 39, 5611 HC Eindhoven
Website: Houbenworstenbrood.com

Worstenbrood houben Eindhoven
Eindhoven verse Houben worstenbrood
Houben worstenbrood verpakkingen
Houben worstenbrood Eindhoven restaurant

5. Down Town Gourmet Market

The Down Town gourmet market is a fantastic food market in the heart of Eindhoven, with 19 great food concepts. Think of: street food, high cuisine, comfort food, or authentic dishes. The hub is stylish and has an open seating area. The place is spacious yet intimate. Especially during dinner time, it is a “gezellige” place to be filled with happy people. 

We got to try three of the restaurants here: @Cfoodbar for sashimi, @misstemaki for sushi, and @bombay_street_food for (rose-shaped) vegetarian dumplings. All recommendable for your next visit! It's ideal to come here with a group of people, with so many options here, there is something for everyone.  

Address: Smalle Haven 2-14, 5611 EJ Eindhoven
Website: Gourmetmarket.com

Eindhoven down town
Miss Temaki Eindhoven sushi
Bombay street food down town gourmet Eindhoven
Down town gourmet market

6. Art pastry

Art pastry is the very first patisserie in Eindhoven that specializes in creating art in baked goods and cakes. Owner “Yuri Ivanov'' comes from Moldova. In 2019 Yuri was named the pastry chef of the year by Gault&Millau with his unique style. All pastries and cakes are freshly prepared and it just looks too stunning to eat. Come here to treat yourself to a very spectacular pastries experience.

If I have to choose now, I would say the lemon passion fruit pastries were my favorite, but I prefer to try them all before making any of such statements. I can’t wait to go back here!

Address: Grote Berg 21, 5611 KH Eindhoven
Website: Artpastry.com

Artpastry eindhoven lemon passionfruit dessert
artpastry eindhoven
Art pastry Eindhoven pear
Art pastry city center

7. Pinkie patiserie

You can already guess it from the name, the inside of Pinkie Patisserie is pink a world for a super cute cake moment. They are well-known for their famous carrot cake (best of Eindhoven I heard somewhere). But there are definitely so much more variety of yummy beautiful cakes to choose from. 

I’ve bought here two birthday cakes before, so I knew this place was good. We had some Petite Fours with coffee here in the morning, but I am actually really curious what the high tea will be like. Need to go back right? ;)

Address: Stratumsedijk 6, 5611 ND Eindhoven
Website: Pinkiepatisserie.com

Eindhoven Pinkie patisserie
Pinkie patisserie high tea
Pinkiepatisserie in eindhoven
Pinkie patisserie Sofa corner eindhoven

8. VANE skybar

End your shopping day at Vane with a cocktail in your hand while admiring Eindhoven city from above. It’s located in the city center, on the rooftop of NH Hotel. A great spot to watch the sunset and I bet they can make you any cocktail you fancy ;) 

Address: Vestdijk 5, 5611 CA Eindhoven
Website: Vanerestaurant.com

Vane rooftop cocktail bar Eindhoven
Eindhovencity Vane restaurant cocktails
Cervice vane restaurant
Vane rooftop bar Eindhovencity

9. Cocktails at Thomas

Located at the beginning of the famous bar street of Eindhoven (Stratumseind) you find a gorgeous bar named Thomas. Well, actually you can have your lunch and dinner here as well and after 10PM the DJ will take over to turn it into a club (free entrance). The pink vibes and stunning interior gives this place a classy vibe for a night out.

Address: Stratumseind 23, 5611 EN Eindhoven
Website: Thomaseindhoven.nl

Thomas cocktail bar Eindhoven
Thomas cocktail bar
Thomas cocktail bar eindhoven

10. Dinner in Motion

Dinner in Motion is not your typical restaurant. The 360 restaurant will take your food experience to a whole new level. Enjoy your six course dinner at one big table with all guests (there are some Covid measures at the moment, you’re not seated directly next to anymone). The themed dishes are creatively excecuted to match the animations and sounds to satify all your senses. 

It’s really a treat to have this experience, hence I would recommend this for a celebration, like an anniversary, birthday or maybe even a wedding proposal at the end ;) 

Address: Piazza 64, 2e verdieping, 5611 AE Eindhoven
Address: Piazza 64, 5611 AE Eindhoven

Website: Motion.nl
Website Dinner: MotionDinner.nl

Motion Experience Eindhoven musea
Motion Experience Eindhoven
Motion museum eindhoven
Motion Experience Eindhoven
Experience Motion Eindhoven
Motion Experience Eindhoven
Motion Experience Eindhoven dinner
Motion Experience Eindhoven
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