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Reliving the Indonesia adventures with these articles. This episode is one of the most memorable, visiting the almighty Mount Bromo. I was looking forward to this and it was worth it even though it didn’t go perfectly with the view during sunrise. If you are traveling through Indonesia, this destination should be on your bucket list! I will show you our adventure here as a teaser. Enjoy!!

Day 7

• Flying from Yogya to Surabaya
• Heading to Jiwa Jawa resort
• Lunch at Restaurant Tempo Doeloe
• Free time
• Dinner Jiwa Jawa resort

How much I hate to fly, I cannot deny how pretty the views are from above :) This one is taken from our flight from Yogya to Surabaya.

Air asia

Jiwa Jawa resort
Staying only 1 night at Jiwa Jawa resort on a mountain. This is one of the closest hotels near Mount Bromo.

Lemper indonesia

Lemper ayam snack with a view

Jiwa Jawa resort surabaya

Room with a view

Jiwa Jawa resort Surabaya


Day 8

• Heading to Mount Bromo sunrise (3 am)
• Horse riding in the dessert
• Bromo crater
• Breakfast at Jiwa Jawa resort
• Lunch at Warung Kencur
• Flying from Surabaya to Denpasar
• Dinner at Jimbaran

Sunrise at Mount Bromo
Wake up call at 2.30 am to hopefully see a beautiful sunrise at Mount Bromo. I say ‘hopefully’ because this wasn’t the case this time. There was a lot of fog that morning that blocked our view. It was so dark when we walked from the jeep to this location that I didn’t realize how much people there had been gathering until the sun came up (especially on the other side, you can see it in the video).

Although the view was a bit disappointing due to our luck, it was still worth the visit. Especially when the fog finally disappeared.

Tip: Wear a jacket, scarf and beanie for this sunrise, because it was about 8 degrees Celcius above the clouds, while waiting in the dark for quite some time.

Travel bloggers

Part of the bloggers on this side for the Mount Bromo view.

Sun rise mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

View of Mount Bromo from a lower point after sunrise.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Bromo Crater
Wow, it was like I landed on the moon. This landscape is something that I have never seen before. You can walk from the jeeps to the crater or you can rent a horse that can bring you with supervision. I was not fan of the horse ride, but this is how it works  . We didn’t have much time either, so this was the faster way to get up there.

Again, up here it’s really something spectacular to witness. A smoking crater that is so huge you can’t capture it properly. We didn’t stay long, I think about 10 minutes, because the sulfur is pretty fierce on your lungs.

tip: Bring a mask or scarf to cover your mouth and nose against the dust and sulfur smell. 

Mount bromo crater jeeps

Mount Bromo crater horses

Mount Bromo crater2

Mount Bromo crater

The horses bring you to these stairs in front of the crater.

Mount Bromo crater

Smoking mount Bromo crater

Nig and Lily at Bromo

View Mount Bromo crater

View Mount Bromo crater

On Mount bromo

Lily and That food cray

Lunch at Warung Kencur
Another yummy Indonesian lunch before our flight to Bali.

Lunch at Warung Kencur

Airport life
Waiting for our flight. So happy to get to know these amazing blogger ladies from all over the world. Inma from Spain, Trisha from everywhere (she changes country every 6 months, so cool :)), Geal from The Philippines, Dayu from Indonesia.

Travel bloggers

This trip was in collaboration with The Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
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