Things to do in Yogyakarta Indonesia

There it is, the third article of the Wonderful Indonesia adventures, this time in Yogyakarta (Yogya). Culturally this was one of the high light of the trip. From royal palaces to ancient histories to craftsmanship workshops.
I am so bummed that I lost the video of day 6, that would have showed you perfectly what we have done and seen in another dimension. Sorry for the disappointment, but I hope you enjoy this new episode!!
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Day 5

• Kota Gede – making silver jewellery
• Lunch at Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant
• Ratu Boko Keraton
• Sunset and dinner at Prambanan temple
• Ramayana ballet show

Kota Gede

Kota Gede is internationally well known for its silver crafting. We went to one of the many silver shops in this area to see their craftsmanship. Watching the pros making the silver jewelry seems like a piece of cake, until we had to make a simple silver hanger ourselves. Frustration hits after a few minutes ‘amateuring’ with the tools. A new found respect for these guys and it will make you think twice when bargaining on silver wear the next time *lol.

Kota Gede silver workshop

Sekar Kedhaton Restaurant

Right next to the silver workshop we had our lunch. Indonesian buffet with fresh watermelon juices. I can never resist these pretty tiles here in Indonesia, find myself making a lot of #fromwhereistand photos during this trip.

Sekar Kedhaton restaurant kota gede

Sekar Kedhaton restaurant kota gede

Ratu Boko Keraton

After lunch we drove more than an hour to Ratu Boko Keraton, an archaeological site, 196 m above the sea level on the highest point. You can see the Prambanan from up here, where we were heading next.

Ratu Boko Keraton Yogya

Ratu Boko Keraton prambanan temple view

Prambanan temple view

Wonderful Indonesia bloggers

Our new friends: @nmorata, @Juanjerez & @Charlene22

Ratu Boko Keraton Yogya

Ratu Boko Keraton Yogya

PH by @seoul_stateofmind

Ratu Boko Keraton Yogya3

With @ccfoodtravel at the gate of Ratu Boko compound

Prambanan temple

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, located in North East Yogya. An UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking on this compound is surreal, to think that people have built all these towers in the 9th century.
I did a little shoot here during the golden hours (see here) and after this our battery died and I left the spare one in the bus. We did capture the magical sunset in a little time-lapse with the action cam that you see in the video. This is such a majestic place to witness.

Prambanan temple yogya

Prambanan temple yogya

Prambanan temple yogya bloggers

At Prambanan temple with gorgeous bloggers @marischkaprue, @thatfoodcray & @charlene22

Prambanan temple indonesia

Prambanan temple yogya

Prambanan temple sunset

Prambanan dinner

Dinner with the Prambanan temple view. This restaurant was next to the Ramayana ballet venue.

Prambanan restaurant

Prambanan dinner

Ramayana ballet

The Ramayana ballet is a visualization of the epic Indonesian Ramayana saga. I had my new Indonesian friends explain this love story to me while watching the artists perform the dance and drama without dialogue. This show is in the open air, it’s really cool located with the almighty Prambanan temple in the background.

Ramayana ballet Prambanan

Ramayana ballet Prambanan

Ramayana ballet Prambanan


Day 6

• Royal palace
• Water palace
• Bale Raos Royal Cuisine lunch
• Museum Batik Yogya
• Designer Lulu Lufti Labibi (free time)
• Dinner Indische coffee Benteng Vredeburg restaurant

Royal Palace

Started day 6 with a visit at the Royal palace. Here you can see the history of the recent sultans of Yogya.

Royal palace Yogya

Royal palace Yogya
Royal palace Yogya
Wonderful Indonesia international bloggers trip

Royal palace Yogya

The making of..

Fromwhereistand in indonesia


Taman Sari; Water palace

It was just our luck to visit the water palace without water due to renovation. I was looking forward to this place, so it was a little bit disappointing. Still, this royal garden was really nice to walk around. I loved the area around as well, which was really arty with colorful painted houses. We ended this tour at the underground mosque with crazy architecture, like a painting from M C Escher. Check out my full article with photos of this incredible mosque, here.

Royal palace Yogya

Water palace Tamasari Yogya

Water palace Tamasari yogya

Water palace Tamasari

Indonesian jamu

My daily Indonesian detox: Jamu (a traditional herbal medicine). Main ingredients: tumeric & ginger.

arty village yogya

fikri Muhammad @deficry

@deficry posing in front of the arty wall

tamansari mosque

tamansari mosque yogya

The Taman Sari mosque looks like a ‘M C Escher’ painting.

tamansari mosque yogya

Bale Raos Royal Cuisine restaurant:

Lunch at a Bale Raos restaurant. The Indonesian dishes here were really tasty. They say when the Sultan of Yogya comes he likes to eat here.

Bale Raos Royal Cuisine restaurant

Batik Museum

From silver jewelry making to another craftmanship: Batik! This traditional technique of making clothes by applying wax-resist dye is obviously more my cup of tea. It requires top concentration which is also good for your Zen :)
Seeing the end result of your own creation is very rewarding. Like the silver wear you will have even more appreciation for batik after this workshop.
Batik workshop Yogya

batik museum yogyakarta

Batik workshop yogya

Designer Lulu Lufti Labibi
After the batik workshop, we had some free time before dinner. As a fashion blogger, I spent mine wisely by visiting a local designer Lulu Lufti Labibi. I met Lulu, the designer, who showed us around his cute showroom with a little Japanese garden. I was totally fascinated by his Japanese and Indonesian fusion signature collection with its drapes. I was so fun to play dress up in his creations, check out the little shoot we did at his place, here.

lulu lufti Labibi yogya

lulu lufti Labibi yogya

lulu lufti Labibi

designer lulu lufti Labibi


This trip was in collaboration with The Ministry of Tourism Indonesia
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