Weekend in London

I owe you this photo diary of my weekend in London from a few weeks back! Even after a few times in this city, I keep leaving this place longing for more. This metropolis is so big, that I have to split my adventures in parts to discover their treasures. If you have some more recommendations, please let me know for the next time ;) For now, enjoy London through our lenses!

On the first day of arrival I went to a coffee house “106 Baker st” to get some work done while waiting for my boyfriend from work. We had our first hotel near the Baker street station, which is a really nice neighbourhood to stay in London.

From Baker street we walked to Oxford street for some shopping. Then we walked  through Carnaby street, this neighbourhood looked so nice to have dinner dates. However we already set dinner goals at Covent garden, a few minutes walk further, to eat my favorite burger at Shake Shack again! The ‘Shack Stack’ burger with the portobello mushroom is really a reason to go to London or New York :D

106 Baker St. London

London continental hotel

Carnaby st London

Shake Shack Burger London

ice cream covent garden

We had our delicious breakfast at Fernandez & Wells which also is a shop with awesome fashion.

Look right London

Fernandez & Wells breakfast London

Fernandez & Wells breakfast London

The tuk tuk flower studio London

Our goal of the day was exploring Bricklane. I call Bricklane the ‘hipster paradise’. Awesome gravity on the walls, cool people hanging out there, vintage treasure shops, cute coffee shops and a food paradise as well. I am a sucker for street food and they happened to have a big hall with international food stands that would give you that ‘food-gasm’.

Beigel Bake Bricklane London

Bricklance Chanel


Backyard market London

United nudes London



Kahaila coffee bricklane London

I had a horrible night of no sleeping at the Continental Hotel because our neighbours were making a lot of noise and the walls were super thin. It was such a relieve to check in at Qbic hotel in full tranquility. We explored the hotel and shot some photos for an article which you can read –> here
Qbic Hotel London

We were seeking for food once again and Borough Market is just the place to feed our hungry tummies. It was rainy and I was too occupied with eating at times that I haven’t shot many photos here. But I will come back next time to make this right, because this place deserves some more attention here on the blog.. or I can’t wait to try out some more yummy food there ;P
Borough Market London

Borough Market London

While searching for some more food in the Mayfair area, we passed by Buckingham palace to say hi to the Queen. Later we also went to see the big London attractions like the Big Ben and the London Eye, like a true London tourist.
Buckingham palace

Buckingham palace

London Telephone

Big Ben London

The London Eye

We started our last day in London with a fine breakfast at Qbic Hotel. These kinds of breakfast just makes me smile. We had a few hours to kill before the flight, so we went to the National history museum for an hour. The architecture of this building is really something.

We closed our mini getaway properly with a lunch (food of course) at Vertigo 42, with a breath taking view over London. Bye bye London, hope to see you very soon again! X
Breakfast Qbic hotel London

London History Museum

London History Museum

Vertigo 42 London view