Lipsy black dress

— Personal —

I took it real slow these past 2 weeks on the blog, like a mini “break”. Behind the scenes I did not sit still as I was busy on social media and preparing new projects. I am active on so many channels that it can be overwhelming at times. Not only for me, I can imagine also for the people around me. I mean, I have chosen this life as a blogger, but they didn’t. No one have ever complained to me. Still they are affected by this, for example, when I “need” to take a creative picture for Instagram, a photo from a different angle for the blog, make a video for the vlog and Snapchat of the same plate of pancakes. When you read it like this, it is completely ridiculous right?! My poor friends never eat their food warm when they are with me lol. Luckily this doesn’t happen very often anymore.

So now I have accepted that I can’t be complete at every channel. I am testing which platform works the best for me. Which platform do you love to follow me the most? I would appreciate your input very much, so I can prioritize the activities better :)

I did miss the blog these couple of days, because writing here is very therapeutic to me, like I used to write in my diary. I am back at it again and scheduled lots of articles for you this week. Stay tuned!

— The Look —

Going to a wedding look, it’s really the season for it now. Lipsy is my go to shop when I need a dress to a wedding lately. I love this tailored black dress with lace details and the split in the front. I sneaked out the wedding for a few minutes to do this quick shoot at this beautiful romantic location. I even squeezed in this photo with my love hihi..

Happy week ahead everyone!

x Lily

Lipsy dress

Lipsy dress

Which platform do you love to follow me the most?


Lipsy dress

wedding guest hair do

Lipsy dress

Lipsy dress

— The Outfit —

dress: Lipsy
shoes: Steve Madden
bracelet: Hermes