Intreza - webshop hunt - heelsMy head is spinning, full with blogpost ideas these days and I think I should take advantage of this. I feel more confident now about trying out new things, since you will never know how it will work out unless you TRY. Unfortunately ‘failing’ is part of this journey as well. Although, it doesn’t really has to be a bad thing. I mean, behind the most successful stories there are often people who had to deal with pretty tough times, before they have made it to the top. Learn from the experience and improve it to perfection is the recipe.. 

Long story short. What I am trying to say is: Never give up on your dreams, even when it turned into a nightmare for a bit. Come back stronger to eventually conquer a little place in this (blogger’s) world where you belong.

Am I going too deep now for this morning? :) I know I am trying to live up to this! And on my way to the top (I can only hope and work hard for it right ;))), I would like to help others along the way. I like to contribute a bit in supporting the smaller web shops. Because there are sooooo many web shops these days, whom has to fight against the mature corporate brands (no offence, I adore them too!). Most of them you probably don’t even know they exist, let alone the existence of their great collections. Well, here is exactly where Hashtag by Lily comes into the picture :)

So, here is a new idea to try out. I will select one web shop each week and show you my favorites from their collection as inspiration. That might work right?

Let’s start right away shall we? My love for heels is nothing new for you by now. With my small length of 1.56m I can always use some extra centimeters. I found a few great heels that I wouldn’t mind having it in my collection from the Intreza webshop, more specifically in their heels section.
Intreza has a great search engine to make it easier for you to narrow it down to the shoes that you might be looking for. Or in my case, I like to scroll around the big product range with heels to get some new inspiration. Below you find my wish list for this webshop. Do you have something to add?

intreza heels selection - Hashtag by Lily

PS: Which one shall I buy?! :)