Walk in Lily's closet

This post, feels a bit like MTV cribs hahaha.. I thought this might be fun to share. I think it is no secret that I am a shopping addict, but where do I put all those stuff in my house? Well.. WELCOME to Lily’s closet everybody :)

Walk in Lily's closetDesigning this 4,5 meter closet was such a fun process! If you go to www.Ikea.com you can take your time, designing your dream closet. I went through every little detail upfront, by selecting the color, material (wooden shelves, glas shelves), sizes, drawers etc. After this, you can print out a list with all the components you need. This will save you a lot of time and bad decisions, then when you have to do this on the spot at Ikea.

I suggest to first make an inventory of your belongings that you would like to put in your closet. Then there are a few things you should take into account when creating your design:

  • How do you like to have you clothes displayed? Hanging or folded?
  • How long are the clothes you would like to hang ?
  • How do you want to organize the accessories?

Lily's Ikea closet Lily's Ikea closet Lily's IKEA closet

I like to display everything I have, so that I have a clear overview. I mean, how often did I think “oh I totally forgot I have this shirt/shorts/skirt etc.” when I was cleaning up my old closet. The overview also really helps me with combining outfits for the posts!! This is also the reason why I don’t have any doors ;).

Lily's shoesThis is the famous Billy closet (also from IKEA), I bought a few extra shelves to fit more shoes. I think this closet is initially designed to store books, but doesn’t it looks great as my shoe closet? :) Unfortunately I don’t have enough space in this room to have another Billy closet, because not all my shoes fit in here. So here I display all my fancy shoes!

Walk in Lily's closet Walk in Lily's closet

This can also be an Ikea showroom haha.. this coat rack is (surprisingly ;)) from Ikea as well! I just don’t use this rack for my coats anymore :)

Walk in Lily's closet

What you cannot see is the 2,5 meter closet on the opposite side of this room, where just 1,5 meter belongs to my boyfriend. I am not discriminating at all, but he just does not need as much space as I do :)

I am very proud of my creation! Thanks for reading again!! I hope you liked this post :)

by Lily