Zalanda blogger award

I already spammed my Facebook followers with this and I briefly mentioned it in a few posts. Even if it is for the slightest chance, I need votes to win the Zalando blogger award. So why not dedicate my Sunday post to this opportunity ;)

So much has changed since I started this blog in November. I can clearly see the quality improvements content-wise and monthly grow in achievements, but also personal developments in socialising (meeting a lot of incredible people along the way).
Never knew I had this work ethic in me, which doesn’t even feel like ‘working’ really.

Yes, I can never regret this decision to start this blog, because this feels like one of the best things in the world right now! Every day it makes me eager to fulfill my mission to inspire as many people as possible!

To cut to the chase, thanks for your support! Whether it is a visit on blog, messages I receive, ‘likes’ on social media or mentally (my sweet friends), I appreciate it all!! I am a lucky girl to have you ;)

This feels more like a winning speech wahaha.. No I am not quite there yet at all, but I do need as many votes as possible to even have the slightest chance to win.
You can easily vote by clicking on the Zalando button below and have the chance to win €500 shopping money yourself!

Zalando's Blogger Awards 2014

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Thank you so much in advance darlings!!
X Lily