Etsy top 10 gift guide

— Etsy —

There is such a large and diverse range of products on offer these days. I sometimes don’t know where to start looking. Yet, in my free time I am a “professional online browser”, searching for inspiration or trying to hunt down treasures to buy. Shopping at little boutiques is my favourite. Online, I do that at Etsy. The reason why I browse at Etsy is for when I am looking for uniques pieces for myself, my home or as a gift for a dear friend. The offer of cool pieces is immense. So, I thought I would share a selection if items that I would pin on my Pinterest board as a reminder for the next time I need a special gift. 

Tropical wallpapers



1. Tropical wallpapers

Some day I will have a wall like this one <3

2. Adult coloring book

I got one of these coloring books in a goodie bag and I was hooked on it! It works so therapeutic! It really calms me down when I am coloring the beautiful pages.

3. Japanese tape

I just really love this Japanese print. I would probably use this tape in my agenda, but I bet you can make beautiful gift wraps with it too!

Adult coloring book and japanese tape

Etsy Jewelry bracelet, necklace4. Jewelry box

Somehow I am always drawn to jewelry boxes. This one is pretty special.

5. Initial Necklace

Wear the initials of yourself or someone special.

6. Eye Bracelet

Love this eye catcher. Would be so cute styling it with a watch.

7. Vases

Love a beautiful statement vase to decorate the house.
Vases handthrown in semi-porcelain etsy


8. Personalised wedding poster

This is a great idea for a wedding gift!!

9. Chanel illustration

Perfect in a fashionista room or closet

Etsy print art posters

10. (old school) typewriter

I think this is such a cool piece in your home and it actually works too!

Tippa S Typewriter etsy

— Shop the items —

1. Tropical wallpapers /2. Adult coloring book / 3. Japanese tape / 4. Jewelry box / 5. Initial Necklace / 6. Eye Bracelet /7. Vases / 8. Personalised wedding poster / 9. Chanel illustration / 10. (old school) typewriter

*In collaboration with Etsy