the must seen and been

Hola amigos! I am having the worst jet lag ever. In the last few nights I was still fully awake at 4 am! I am in my zombie mode for days now. Nevertheless, it was all worth it :) Looking at these pictures brings me back to that happy place for a sec.
After this post I still got 2 posts for you that is Mexico related. Then, on Wednesday I will continue with the regular #byLily schedule again.

hashtag by Lily OOTD. Zara shorts, nelly bikini.

hashtag by Lily OOTD in Mexico

hashtag by Lily OOTD in Mexico

bikini: Nelly / shorts: Zara / sunglasses: Rayban

Once again, we took the ‘collectivo’ van. This time with two stops! I made a little Mexico bucket list for this vacay and visiting a Cenote was one of the ‘must been and seen’ places, since this is something where the area is well-known for and one few places where cenotes can be found.
So we went to a little cenote ’Azul’. Being there, and seeing this side of nature was so breathtaking and peaceful, especially because we had the whole area almost to ourselves. It looks a bit different than the massive underground cenotes that I have googled (which still is on my bucket list). It was rather petit compare to those, but this one has definitely something magical to it. The water was crystal clear and fresh. The birds were singing a paradise song. The jungle, finishing the beautiful scenery with green. And the clear blue sky above us. Gosh. I can sooo appreciate this kind of beautifulness on earth. Vacation mood too the fullest!

There was a little cliff from where we could jump off. Seeing some others doing this, looks so easy and fun. Now I am a girl with a lot of fears, including the fear of heights. Looking from a distance, it looked like something I could manage to do. But once I was up there, I swear it looks 10 times higher than you think it is! I literally have been standing there on top for 15 minutes, talking some courage in to myself. Finally, I thought.. YOLO!” Just do it without thinking, woman!”. And there I went! It wasn’t so bad after all.. Plus I am so proud of myself!!!!! I posted my YOLO moment here on Instagram.
Cenote Azul Mexico

Cenote Azul Mexico

Cenote Azul Mexico

One with nature.. Spot the Lily!

After this wonderful experience, we went back to my favorite beach so far: Akumal (just a 10 minutes drive from this cenote). I just had to say goodbye to the turtles. And I think they wanted to say goodbye to me too, because at one point, we were surround by 5 turtles. I was in turtle heaven!

Akumal playa

Organic fruit ice
Organic fruit ice. So refreshing!

Drinks on Akumal with hashtagbylily
New favorite drink here: aqua de Jamaica. Then again.. Anything taste good with this view!

I am still having internet problems at home. So I have to get out of the house, in order to create a blog post. This situation might cause a delay in my posting. So instead of in the morning, I will post in the afternoons. Well, better than nothing right!? Hopefully it will be back to normal asap! Thanks for reading again, see you tomorrow afternoon ;) X