Don't be afraid to choose you own path. Dwell in possibiliy.

Still working on my Wonderful Indonesia article part 3! I was selecting the photos from my adventures in Yogya and I couldn’t choose between these photos. So I decided to make a whole separate article about this amazing shooting location at the Taman Sari Mosque, which is part of the royal palace in Yogya.

My favorite photo from this serie is the one I was standing in the middle of the stairs. The following quote crossed my mind: Don’t be afraid to choose your own path. Dwell in possibility. This made me think how far I have come with Hashtag by Lily and that I would never regret the decision of following my heart. I mean, I was traveling through Indonesia witnessing the most spectacular things in my life because of my blog!

I already posted this photo on Instagram  and a few people commented that it looks like a painting from M C Escher and they are right! The architecture is really incredible!!
It looks really quiet here on the photos, but that wasn’t the case at all. We were already with a big group of bloggers and there were other tourists wandering around as well. So it was really a matter of fighting for an empty spot for this shoot ghehe. Nevertheless, it was really worth visiting. In the next article I will show you more about the gardens of the royal palace outside this mosque.

Happy Tuesday guys!! X Lily

tamansari mosque

tamansari mosque yogya

tamansari mosque yogya

tamansari mosque yogya

Don't be afraid to choose your own path. Dwell in possibility.

Don’t be afraid to choose your own path. Dwell in possibility.

tamansari mosque yogya

location: Taman Sari mosque; Yogyakarta

top: Ana Alcazar (on sale)*
shorts: Loavies*
backpack: Mi Pac (via Marington)*
shoes: Zara
sunglasses: Ray-Ban*