— Personal —

I missed writing this personal section last week. It was pretty hectic with Amsterdam Fashion Week, which resulted in no post. I tried it many times before, but planning articles ahead is just not made for me.

From every channel that I am active in, I love spending my time on blog the most. Here I can put my creativity to the test and have a voice. It’s funny but I feel matured a bit in this blogger life. My perspective on the blogosphere has changed. Some for the good and some for the bad.

For one thing I have and need to be more a business woman, whether I like it or not. You see, free clothes and trips just don’t pay the bills, how much fun it might be. Everything you receive for “free” feels poisoned (to exaggerate), because it’s never free. I finally see this now.

Paid collaborations doesn’t mean my opinion is bribed. If I really don’t like an item or product I won’t partner with the brand. And if it’s not a love at first sight product, I like the challenge to make it work a la Lily.
There is an endless discussion about bloggers and how sincere and believable they are. I guess you have to trust the one you like to follow that they are genuine. I believe that when you keep promoting projects you don’t like that it will show.

That said, this shoot is not paid at all. Just some random photos on our little rooftop of our pavilion where we were staying in Marrakech :)
We freed the whole afternoon for doing nothing, but I got bored very quickly and this is the result!

— The Look —

Swimsuits are so sexy. This is the only swimsuit I own at the moment. I wore this blue one many times already. To make it even more fab, I added the hat and sunnies. Hello, the little diva is in town! :D

We x oneill badpak

I feel matured a bit in this blogger life

We x oneill badpak

We x oneill badpak

We x oneill badpak

We x oneill badpak

— Outfit details —-

swimsuit: O’neill x We (sale)
hat: H&M
sunglasses: D&G

location: Dar Nanka hotel; Marrakech
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi