Summer weather

I know the weather contrast of these photos is huge to the cold that we are experiencing now in The Netherlands. The summer seems so far away. Considering my analytics, there are actually readers on the other side of the globe who can relate to this summer look right now. And a few of you might be going on vacation to a sunny destination. For the others this can be a nice outlook to the summer ;)

Yesterday I shared my 3rd Japan diary (here), where I show you my adventures in Kyoto. I totally forgot to write a Hiroshima diary, where we spent a weekend between Tokyo. This shoot was taken in Hiroshima, where the temperatures rose to 30 degrees in the afternoon.

People in Japan actually think I am crazy to walk around with bare arms. You see, the beauty perception is quite the opposite in Asia. The lighter your skin color the better. My grandmother used to forbid me to sunbathing lol.
I always adapt myself to the culture I am in except for this one. I just couldn’t walk around with long sleeves with the exotic temperatures. So I took the staring eyes for what it was.

Besides, I already packed this Boohoo dress that I wanted to wear. It is a simple dress with a loose fit and the color makes this dress stand out. Maybe they were just staring at my dress instead of the bare arms ;P

summer weather summer weather summer weather summer weather summer weather summer weather

dress: Boohoo (similar here)
bracelet with Swarovki: Jewellery by Sophie
ring-bracelet: Mango
shoes: Topshop
bag: Mango

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