Summer Fall

One day it is a perfect tropical summer day and the next day it feels like fall. Typical Dutch weather that shouldn’t surprise me anymore. Yet, I am always bummed out to wake up with a grey cloudy sky. I should move to the tropics if I ever get the chance.

I always picture myself living in a foreign city for a few years. Who knows one day I will. For now I am happy to have the opportunity to travel as much as I can.

Anyhow, as the weather has shifted to sweater weather these last couple of days, I wore this pink one from Costes. It was raining all day, so don’t mind my frizzy hair. Happy to have the Carlala hat to keep it a bit dry.
Rain or no rain, I opted for my new Stella McCartney shoes that I got on sale. I walked many kilometers in it, so it passed the comfy heel test, YAY!

Summer Fall

Costes Fashion

Wanderlust & Co and Jane Konig

Summer Fall


Stella McCartney

Summer Fall

PH by Virgit Canaz (

sweater: Costes*
jeans: Monki
hat: Carlala Fashion*
heels: Stella McCartney
necklace: Chopard
ring: Wanderlust & Co*
ring: Jane Konig*
bag: Alexander Wang

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