Staying at paradise by hashtag by LilyHola #byLily amigos! I am smiling from ear to ear all day like a clown haha. Sometimes I just can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am and I definitely don’t want to take everything for granted. I am just an ordinary girl who enjoys life to the fullest. Well.. It isn’t such a hard task at a destination like this hihi..

It is getting better with the jet lag. Instead of waking up at 3am, I slept until 6am this morning! The benefit of getting up so early is that I have enough time to prepare for a blog post. So I hope I can keep this up when the jet lag is over ;) No I am kidding. We are here to relax, so I have plenty of time to prepare a little post every day!

Yesterday we went to the beach just to relax and catch up with the jet lag. The beach is only a 10 minutes, free shuttle bus, drive away. We didn’t do much than enjoying the beautiful scenery of the brightest azure blue water that I have ever seen. It was so bright that I couldn’t see well without my sunglasses on.

After a few hours we went the boulevard on 5th avenida, taking a stroll through a street full with very touristic shops and restaurants. By the time we were tired, there was a huge cloud above us. A little storm is what happened. Luckily for us it was just a quick tropical storm for an hour! We went back to the hotel and got our self ready for a romantic dinner date at a steak house at the beach. It was a perfect first day in Playa del Carmen!

breakfast Riu hotel

We are staying in an all inclusive hotel with very nice buffets. Eating healthy when you are on traveling is sometimes hard. Therefore I was super happy that I can have some fresh fruit and fresh green shakes every morning!!

beach Playa del Carmen
Can someone pinch me??! <3

Mango jumpsuit by Hashtag by lilyPlaya del carmen with details

enjoying playa del carmen
My current reading: Eat Pray Love from Elizabeth Gilbert

hm neon yellow bikini

This chick thinks she is a Victoria Secret model –> #NOT! whaha.. Just want to show you the bikini, since I am a ‘style blogger’.

Palm tree Playa del Carmen
Sigh.. I can get used to this view #paradise

bikini: H&M / jumpsuit: Mango / bracelet: Mango / hat: Brixton