Silk eyelash extensions
A while ago I received this opportunity to choose one of the wide range of beauty treatments that has to offer. They are operating throughout The Netherlands and are expanding their assortment rapidly with a very easy to navigate website, to get to your desired treatment.
Anyhow, how can I turn down a treat like this right? I was thinking about to get a nice massage or a new haircut. In the end I wanted to something new to show you on the blog. So, I decided to go for the ‘silk eyelash extensions’, which I always wanted to try!

As a true Asian, I don’t possess the longest eyelashes unfortunately. I was using a lot of mascara every day, to cover up this “short-coming”. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to review this treatment!

I went to the ‘Be Beauty’ Salon in Amsterdam. I didn’t have a clue which salon was great to do this, but I selected this one because they also have the silk based extensions besides the synthetic ones. I have read that silk based extensions are better in quality and it looks more natural.
When I was laying there on the chair, it felt like I was going for (plastic) surgery haha.. Then you have the choice of which length and curl you prefer. I took the 11 mm, for a mascara effect. The treatment itself didn’t hurt at all! And the 90 minutes passed by in a blink of an eye.

This is a review post, so I am always totally honest with you! As we are in the hay fever season, it isn’t the best idea maybe for me to get them right now. The eyelashes last for 6 weeks, depending on your eyelash cycle that varies per eyelash. But if you rub your eyes too much, it will get loose more easily.
Other than that, I am so loving the fake lashes!!! It is super easy to maintain. You don’t have to do anything, just don’t wash it with oil products. I wake up every day now with the perfect set of eyelashes!!!!!

We have filmed the whole process, so you can see everything in the video below. Sooo.. my question to you now is: ‘What do you think?????’

By the way! You can still win the Meet,Talk&Blog goodybag which includes a voucher for you to book a treatment at if you apply today, here! Tomorrow I will be announcing the 9 (!) winners.

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