Signature look OOTD
Good day everyone! Exciting new week and I can’t wait until the end of the week already! I am counting the days to the Meet, Talk & Blog event for weeks now. I still can’t believe it is actually going to happen this Sunday! Expect a big post next week, where I will show you everything about the afternoon that I have been planning for weeks now!

First 5 more posts before this big day. With today a brand new OOTD. A great blouse that fits to any occasion (except for sports maybe). It is always my “go to” item, when I am in a dressing crisis. Preferably with jeans and heels. Hmm.. now that I think about this, it is sort of my signature look (if I do have one).

The basic principle of this look is simple, yet it still gives you enough room to vary each time. You can easily give it a twist with the way you tuck it in your pants or playing with jewelry, the bag, the heels etc. It never gets boring if you ask me. Owning a few great blouses is therefore a must! A white one is a classic. But what do you think of this baby blue silk one from Set? This color is so fresh and the fabric is very elegant. I am sold!

Set fashion blouse OOTD

Set fashion blouse - Hashtag by Lily

Signature look OOTD

Zara white cross body bag

Sam Edelman black sandals

Signature look OOTD

Signature look OOTD

blouse: Set / bag: Zara / heels: Sam Edelman / hat: souvenir shop (Mexico)

By Lily