Hashtag by Lily shoplog styling

And the winners are……. THESE LOOKS ABOVE!!!! Readers who don’t follow me on Instagram have no idea what I am talking about. So let me fill you in. As you may have read in the ‘Lesson learned‘ post, I was working on a video project for I never heard of this concept called ‘shoplog’ until I was selected for the collaboration. A shoplog is basically a video where someone shows you what s/he bought.

Now, I absolutely hate talking to the camera, therefore I avoided that as much as possible. I came up with the idea to style the items that I have to promote in 3 different ways to give you some styling inspiration. The video is not live yet, but I already shared these looks on Instagram, because I was curious what you would think of them. So I let people vote for their favorites (thanks for your input guys!!) and the winners are the looks above!

Below you will find the entire styling that I did. Do you have any favorites?!?

Hashtag by Lily styling Vero Moda print cardigan

Cardigan: Vero Moda – €44,99  via

Hashtag by Lily styling NYC Mango sweater
Sweater: Mango – €9,99 via

Hashtag by Lily styling Mango plaid shirt
Shirt: Mango – €14,99 via

Hashtag by Lily styling Mango oversized pants
Pants: Mango – €14,99 via

Such a fun project! will be launched next week, by that time I will make sure to provide you the link to this video of course!
On a personal note. I am still feeling bleh!@#! Every muscle in my body hurts! But there is no time to rest. Let’s hope I will survive these two days of work! Enjoy your weekend guys!! X