Seeing, no, HEARING myself back in this video is just so horrifying that I really was hesitant whether I should show you this video (I will press the button ‘publish’ with my eyes closed). Here it is! My very first shop log. The video is in Dutch, because it is for a Dutch platform Just put the video on mute and you are just fine whahaha..

Remember the post ‘Lesson Learned’ where I had this huge FML moment? Well, I was talking about this video back then. This was the first time of filming and editing a video for the blog. Once I got the taste of this, I was super excited making more videos, only this time without me rattling through the footages (see here for video #OOTD2 & #OOTD3).

Lastly, I already made a post with the full looks that I have styled for this video. If you haven’t seen this yet, check them out here.