— Sharing bills —

ING was my very first bank account since a very young age and I haven’t switched ever since. Also, I have researched a lot of banks during my thesis period on the matter ‘convenience versus security of transferring money’ (for the ones who don’t know, I was an Information Science nerd before the blog ;)), so I feel very close to the subject that I am going to talk about today.

Whether we go to the movies or enjoy a yummy dinner with friends, we all share a bill from time to time.
Maybe it’s my inner geek talking, but I am very excited that there is new efficient way of doing this in the ‘ING Mobiel Bankieren app’ using QRcodes now!

I share a bill with Larissa during our meet ups and I pay the total bill every now and then. Still she asks my IBAN afterwards every time. Which I can never remember and have to look up or end up sending her a picture of my bank account. #hassle

The easy way to do it now, is to create a ‘betaalverzoek’ in the ING Mobiel Bankieren app. The app will generate a QRcode that Larissa can scan with her ING app. This way the amount and my bank account data is all set up for her, she only has to authorize the payment now.

If your friend doesn’t have ING, you can generate an ‘Ideal’ link and send it via Whatsapp or email.

It’s really fast and easy peasy! More information about this –> here. Happy bill sharing guys!


maybe it’s my inner geek talking..



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