Senz Lou bag


I love the diversity of my job a
whole lot. It’s a lifestyle I choose and I am really enjoying the ride. My
agenda is dedicated to the travels and projects, meaning sometimes I hear a few
days in advance that I will be trotting somewhere else on the globe for a


This time around I got to fly to Hong
Kong again to see my family during Chinese New Year. Hong Kong is my second
home away from home and I really hope I can live there for a few years in the


For the travel I had the opportunity
to collaborate with senz°, a Dutch brand that is already
well-known for the (stormproof) umbrellas. HOWEVER, this collaboration is about
the launch of there new bag collection.

I picked the ‘senz° lou’ as it
fits perfectly in my “on the go lifestyle”. I used this tote bag as
hand-luggage in the plane. It has many functional pockets inside, for example
for my laptop (13 inch), kindle, toiletries, documents, umbrella (there’s a
special pocket for this so nothing else gets wet) etc. So I can get organized
and find every item easily. Another very clever usp is that the bags are
weatherproof, so if you catch a rain on your commute, no problem!

Especially for a chaotic person like
me, I find this bag ideal to use for work

Hong Kong Kow Long park
Hong Kong building
Senz lou bag black
Hashtag by Lily Lou bag Senz

“Perfectly with my “on the go” lifestyle”

Lily in Hong kong
Senz bag Lily Tjon


bag: Senz / top: Storm & Marie / pants: Nümph / hat: Asos / boots: Mango / belt: Gucci

Location: Hong Kong
Photos: Nigel Fung-A-Loi

*In collaboration with Senz