Said Mahrouf fashion show

I have a confession to make, I am such a fashion rookie in the sense of appreciating ‘design’. I mean, I know the common brands that I use and brands that I see in magazines, but.. haute couture.. or less commercial designers.. is a whole another other level! I think I need to dig deeper in this area though, because I was sincerely inspired this fashion week by the art pieces that designers have created.

Last Monday was the final day of Amsterdam Fashion week of this season. I was lucky enough to be invited by my sweet friend (thanks sweety!!! :)) to go to the fashion show of Said Mahrouf. I didn’t know him before, but now I sure do! His collection is a grey scale of elegance, with long romantic dresses, statement cocktail dresses and tasteful sophisticated women’s suits.

Apparently my luck didn’t stop last week after winning different things, because we were upgraded to front row for this show! OOoh yeaah.. After seeing the SuperTrash show from almost the last row (very grateful still!), this was a super cool experience to see the collection from so close. I was trying to take pictures from this show, but photography is clearly not my talent. I have a new profound respect for photographers :) Anyhow, the picture above is the best picture that I can show you. If you want to see a better serie of photos from this show I suggest you these pictures from Team Peter Stighter (now THATS photography :))

Said Mahrouf fashionshow #bylily

SAID mahrouf #byLily

Since it was one of the options to wear this outfit to the other show, it was easier this time to pick the outfit :) This dress is super simple, yet super interesting if you appreciate the sexy details. The back of this dress is all sheer fabric, like it is on the sides of this dress. I paired it with my favorite boots from the MMM for H&M collection and the bag of bags, the 2.55 love. Mission succeeded??

dress: H&M / bracelet: Zara / rings: H&M / bag: Chanel / boots: MMM for H&M

by Lily