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— Why red —

Throughout the years I have been experimenting a lot with my hair. I had curls in my early years, different colors and hair lengths. It was quite natural the last few years actually and I wanted to do something different again. Hence, this drastic color change.

It wasn’t even like that I planned out this color. I always let Lisa from Rob Peetoom consult me on my looks. She is super talented and always super creative. I always trust her advice.
7 hours later.. (!) Tadaaa.. 4 shades of red in my balayage. I love how this look turned out! What do you think?! Too much or nice for a change.

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7 hours later.. (!) Tadaaa.. 4 shades of red in my balayage.

Amsterdam stairs posing

Gucci bag padlock classic

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Red hair balayage

— The Look —

This is a typical winter look I wear on a daily basis, wearing my favorite coat from Sezane. I bought the beanie before I colored my hair, but I really like the contrast of blue and red here. It’s a classic look and the gucci makes it even more chic.

— Outfit details —

coat: Sezane / beanie: Topshop / bag: Gucci / scarf: Storm & Marie / shoes: Senso

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