Instagram husband

— Anniversary —

Today, July 14th, is a very special date for me and my boyfriend, because it’s our anniversary!! I still can’t believe how fast time has past and how much fun our 13 (!) year adventure has been so far. I truly can say I found my soul mate, even though I was at such a young age when we met. I know it’s tricky to settle so soon, without even other experiences. I don’t want to jinx it, but I just feel it in my gut that this is my guy.

What’s the secret people ask me often. I guess the cliché answers. We both are pretty easy going persons, so when something is in our way, we will find a new way together. We take the time to talk and are honest about everything. We give each other space to do our own things and support each other with our dreams. Yah, this list can go on and on. The most important part is that we love each other.

And did you know that Nigel, that’s his name btw, was the one who told me to start a blog?!

Nigel fung-a-loi

— Q&A —

Well, little that he knew that he became an ‘Instagram husband’ on that note, even though we are not married. It is so much more than just Instagram, but I think he is the one who can tell you more about this. And are all the rumors about the Instagram husband true?
So here it is, in honor of our 13th anniversary I put him to work and have this little Q&A with him to see everything from his perspective!

1. Hi Nigel, are you a full time Instagram husband?

No, I have a full time job as product manager (which is not so glamorous as the blogger life) in cancer diagnostics.

hong kong

2. How much can you relate to the Instagram husband video?

I can relate very much. We definitely need to have more patience because things take more time. However, I guess it’s our way of life now. I’m already passed that people look at us when we need to do “strange” poses in a restaurant to get the right picture angle and lighting.

3. How would Hashtag by Lily be without you?

Lily is very creative. I have no doubt that she would be very succesful, even without my input. However, she does ask for my opinion, or to help her brainstorm about some things from time to time. For example I came up with the name AFK (Away From Keyboard), where she shows her offline activities in a photo diary.

Also, there is a lot of work in evenings or nights, so I check her texts to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

Cali beach

4. Are there embarrassing moments that comes with the job?

Oh yes! Strange poses in restaurants, shooting in a crowded street. Also sometimes she wears something that’s completely out of place for where we’re shooting. For example, we were shooting a very chic gown in a museum. But like I said, we’re passed the stage of caring about the people staring at us ;-).

Sometimes while out of the country we can be in desperate need of wifi. So if we enter a place to have lunch, but they don’t have (free) wifi..guess who’s not staying?!

horse bromo

5. Name 3 qualities an Instagram husband should possess.

In no particular order (because the order changes depending on the circumstances)

1. Patience, this one will definitely be tested
2. Show some initiative, giving some creative input is often appreciated
3. Understanding that in some situations the blog comes first

Komodo island

6. What is the down side to have a blogger girlfriend?

Her phone has become an extension of her hand. Quite often while we are watching a movie she is still working on her laptop. Sometimes when we’re on holiday at a really nice place we cannot fully enjoy it until the perfect picture has been shot. Furthermore, I am abroad for work every week and she travels a lot these days as well, which means we got less time to spend together.

7. What is the most fun part of being an Instagram husband?

It’s to enjoy the benefits of her having a blog. Usually when we go on holiday (long or short) she is able to arrange some fun experiences that normally would not be accessable that easily.

Bromo samen

8. Do you have any goals in your Instagram husband life?

Just like Lily I love love love to travel. So when she get’s invited for a press trip I would like to be a part of that as well. And if she keeps going like this, who knows, maybe I can retire early ;-)

Pelangi book Indonesia

9. What have you learned being an Instagram husband? Any advice you can give to other Instagram husbands?

Even I have definitely learned a lot. Not sure if everything is “useful” for me. As she is primarily a fashion blogger, she also rubbed off some fashion knowledge on me. A lot of ladies are surprised when I can explain what a flat lay or a clutch is. Nowadays I can even recognize the brand of certain (exclusive) bags! Nope, not useful at all..

Another thing is the blogger world. Who knew this world exists. It is important that I as “the Instagram husband” take notice of this world and dynamic that she’s working in.

Understanding the blogger world is very important, because it’s a major part of her life which automatically effects your life as well. Just one picture, or a spontaneous shoot because the light is perfect right now, can make the difference. And you know what they say “happy wife, happy life”.

Nigel and Lily

10. How do you feel with Lily being more and more ‘famous’?

At the moment I don’t really notice it. But it is funny to hear Lily talking about when she was recognized by someone. Although it’s happening more often and increasingly, she is still always humbled and surprised about it. But hey, with so many followers it’s not so strange, right?

Not so long ago I went with Lily to an event. At the event I was having a very casual conversation with some other bloggers.  Later on when Lily joined us they became a bit shy and gathered the courage to ask if she wanted to meet with them sometime. As I said before, this is the blogger world.. where apparently my girlfriend is a bit of a celeb.

11. Knowing what you have to “go through” now, would you
have still suggest a blogger’s life for Lily if you could do it all over again?

Hmm.. That’s a good question. There are certainly a number of annoying things that come with it, but I think I still would. I can see how passionately she is with her blog. Plus, often I also benefit from some of the things she manages to arrange with the blog, like an expensive hamam treatment in a 5 star hotel.


12. Which project you did together, you are the most proud of?

It’s not just specifically one project. What I’m most proud of is what she has accomplished in a relative short amount of time. I still remember our first few shoots and watch her figuring out how it all works with all these different platforms. Now she has grown into a professional! Still experimenting with things, but now she has her own style and knows what she wants. She’s now a real business woman and she can say that she has accomplished that by herself by working hard and not cutting any corners. And still I think this is only the beginning..