Lavish alice co-ord Paris

— Paris Fashion Week —

The title gave it away. Paris Fashion Week didn’t really go according to plan. I was suppose to visit 2 shows on Sunday. Long story short, the invites were sent to the wrong address and I didn’t know the location of the venue, so unfortunately I couldn’t see any shows this time.

Luckily for me, I was in Paris of all places, so there were plenty of other fun things to pursue. I went to the Shopstyle Social House, which was a bloggers paradise. I did a dream shoot with Juan Jerez again. I swear the photos are even more insane than the last time (here), so get ready for it! I also visited the impressive Paul Smith showroom in Le Marais. And of course I tried out a few new hotspots. I will tell you all about this trip real soon!

What I have learned this time is that 2 days for Fashion Week is not enough. Next season I will stay at least 4 days to get things done and actually see some shows. But as you can see, I didn’t get bored in the mean time :) Paris is always fun!

— Outfit —

Outfit-wise I packed for Fashion Week. I shot a few awesome looks including this one from Lavish Alice. If the light, outfit and background are synced, it creates the perfect set of photos in only a few minutes. Efficiently, just how I like it ;)

What can I say about this look. I like it that the pants and sweater is a set. The whole silhouette and the design is just Lavish Alice amazing. The fabric is so comfy like pajamas. I think this is another case of you either really love it or hate it outfit! I LOVE IT! =D

Lavish alice co-ord

Lavish alice co-ord

The fabric is so comfy like pajamas

Lavish alice co-ord

passage de la petite boucherie paris

Lavish alice co-ord

Toms Blythe Shiny Silver

Sophie Webster boots

Lavish alice co-ord

Paris fashion week look

— Outfit details —

bandeau top: Mango
sweater: Lavish Alice
pants: Lavish Alice
coat: Takko
sunglasses: Toms
necklace: BeBold Label
bag: Celez
shoes: Sophia Webster

Location: Paris
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi

— Lavish Alice —