Oversized clothes

This was my “comfy” Sunday outfit for lunch: boyfriend jeans and an over-sized jacket. My first pair of boyfriend jeans and I really like the “comfyness”. I cheated a little on the comfy part with some heels, but there is just NO WAY (unfortunately) that I can pull off boyfriend jeans without heels (obviously because of my length!).

Oversized cloths outfit Oversized cloths outfit

You might have seen this over-sized jacket before in one of my first posts (“Oversized jacket“), where I wore this jacket unzipped. Wearing this jacket closed (almost zipped up) gives the same jacket an other look.

So I know I am contradicting myself with that post, because I said that you should balance an over-sized piece with something that fits more to your size. I am now testing this hypothesis with this post.. because both my jeans and jacket are kind of baggy. Fashion is all about trying things out and think outside the box, right? What do you think? Should I reject the previous statement? :)

Zara heels

Meet my new pair of Zara heels! I can walk a few miles on these heels! I think that these heels added that little something to this outfit. And like I said, this look wouldn’t work for me if it wasn’t for the heels.

Alexander Wang bag

My most used bag at the moment, this Wang bag. This bag is the perfect replacement for my Gucci (shopper) bag. That bag was ready for retirement after 5 years..

Oversized cloths outfit


jacket: Nelly / jeans: Zara (similar here) / heels: Zara / bag: Alexander Wang (similar here) / watch: Diesel / sunglasses: Carrera

by Lily