Nunuco design companry stationary

— Stationary —

Ever since a very young age I am obsessed with stationaries. Especially in Asia I had to go to every stationary store and I never could choose what to pick. You can say I am a stationary hoarder. I mean, how many agendas, notebooks, pencils etc. does one need?! Well, I can never have enough lol. And I have the feeling that I am not the only one here, I am sharing the same obsession as you right?!

— Nunuco Design Co. —

Nunuco Design Co. has a collection of agendas, notebooks, greeting cards and iPhone cases, designed by Kristiina Kurkikangas from Finland. The designs are really adorable and I love the color use of the drawings. It was so hard to pick my favorites from her designs, because I would prefer to own the whole collection :)

NDC Eiffel tower and tropical leaves Phone case

NDC Penguin and lips cards

NDC Penguin and lips cards

Hashtag by Lily office

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Eiffel tower phone case
Leaves phones case
Lips greeting card
Penguin greeting card
Todo notebook