— Update —

I had to choose between Paris and London Fashion Week this season. I am going to Paris because I needed a bit more time to prepare for the fashion madness, physically and mentally, so short after the other trips. Also because I have been to London recently, where these images were shot by my girl (isn’t she the best? I love all the shoots we do together). London Fashion Week starts today. Although I can’t make it this season, I will keep an eye on all the happenings around Fashion Week. The shows and street style, I always follow everything to the full extent. That’s how much I love fashion :)

At the same time I am thinking about Paris already. So excited to go back this season! Anyone who is going or have any hotspot tips?!



I needed a bit more time to prepare for the fashion madness physically and mentally



k-swiss-tongue-twisters-LOZAN III TT





— The Look —

I love clichés! These classic phone booths always make it in my London pics. A very casual look today, while keeping it feminine. I wore this dungaree before as a dress (here). If you pull it down like this, you turn it into a pencil skirt. Gotta love those fashion hacks!

Furthermore, I have to (re)introduce these K-Swiss tongue twister sneakers. I have been wearing them so much lately. Kind of nostalgic as I wore it 18 years ago too. I guess a good pair of sneakers never goes out of style!


Phone booth gif

— Outfit details —

top: Zara / dungaree dress: River Island / sneakers: K-Swiss / bag: Mulberry /
watch: Daniel Wellington / banana: Stradivarius / sunglasses: Toms

location: London; UK
PH by Esmee Rudolf

— Storets wishlist —