NYC for Fashion Week

Last month I went to NYC for Fashion Week. I know, I know, I am waaay too late with all my content. Catching up on some articles while I am traveling in Australia right now.

I just want to line up all the outfits here for you and a few shows that I attended. It was amazing to do New York Fashion Week again. I can't wait for next season already :)

x Lily


Flying in this sharp purple pink WOW Air plane to NYC. You have a transfer stop in Iceland (Reykjavik). It's a budget airline. No entertainment system and no included food and drinks, but it looks flashy brand new inside. It's definitely worth it if you're are looking for cheap tickets to NYC from €350!

bag: Off White (similar here) / jacket: H&M / trouser: H&M / sunglasses: Chloé / shoes: Nike

Street Office

On my first day in New York, I chose a little different office location than usual. Work needs to  be done after all, and sitting in the streets of New York City was quite an experience, I tell you.

 top:  Filippa K  /bag: JW Anderson / sunglasses: Komono / mule shoes: Sam Edelman

New York pass

For your next trip to the Big Apple you might want to consider the New York Pass. What benefits does the NY Pass provide? The New York Pass offers you free access for any of the top 100+ attractions of the City. The pass is only activated when you visit your first attraction. You can save quite some time, for instance in skipping the ticket line at attractions such as MoMA or The MET (find a list with all attractions on the webiste below). How does it work? You can easily pick your pass duration and download the mobile pass with the app on your smartphone.Check out the link below for more details on how to use your pass. Enjoy your trip with the benefits of the New York Pass!

dress: Guess (similar here) / bag: Off White (similar here) / shoes: Nike

Times Square, the heart of New York City

Everybody should have been at least one at Times Square. It's a mesmerizing experience to be right there, in the heart of New York, the center of the world.


dress: Guess (similar here) / bag: Off White (similar here) / boots: Guess



Gucci is a girl's best friend, or was it diamonds? In any case, stopping by at Gucci in New York was one of the top bullet points on my bucket list. I love the brand and its individuality and as you can see, they do not only create pretty clothes and accessories, but also the most extravagant store.

dress: Monki (similar here) / bag: Chloé/ shoes: Nike 

Motel Morris

Motel Morris is a bar and restaurant located on the southwest corner of seventh avenue and eighteenth street in the Chelsea, New York City.  The menu is season American with global influences and "fun nods" to classic American dishes. Chef Bill McDaniel wanted to create something different and I can just approve, it was delicious.

address: 132 Seventh Avenue, New York NY 10011

motel morris
motel morris
motel morris

dress: Guess (similar here) / bag: Off White (similar here) / shoes: Nike

Victoria's Secret

As every other girl on the planet, I'm a big fan of the beautiful couture by Victoria's Secret. I share their love for lace and details that seem to appear everywhere, I mean, this is a golden rest room!

The NYFW event at Victoria's Secret was special indeed.

address: 640 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019


blazer: Drykorn / bag: Chloé/ watch: Apple

Room for Tea

Room for Tea is the first tea-themed immersive art pop-up in NYC and it was quite a bubbly experience. Inspired by the diversity of (tea) cultures around the world, they wanted to celebrate the individual adaptions in New York City by creating a journey of 40 minutes with 5 scenes and 18 visual highlights.

Because of my Chinese background I know about the importance of tea. The concept of the Chinese tea culture is reffered to in Chinese as "chayi" what means "the art of drinking tea". Offering a cup of tea in China can have several meanings, for example a sign of respect, to show gratitude (on Chinese weddings the bride and grrom serve tea to their parents to thank them for raising them) or to apologize. I grew up with the importance of tea and its metaphers, so the Room of Tea was a really fascinating experiences for me.

address: 371 broadway, new york ny 10013

bag: Chanel (similar here) / sweater: Moschino / jeans: Weekday / heels: Julian Hakes / Hat: Asos  / Boots: Guess

Maybelline New York

As you might have noticed, I am really into Beauty products, make up and perfume. So the Maybelline event at the New York Fashion Week was a must-do for me. Checking out the new collections and chatting with stylist, I also got introduced to the beautiful model Adriana Lima.

bag:  Gucci  / sportbra: Uniqlo (similar here) / Trouser: Pepe Jeans / Hat: Asos (similar here) / Shoes: Mango 


bag: Chanel (similar here)/ sportbra: Uniqlo (similar here) / Trouser: Pepe Jeans / Hat: Asos (similar here)

Gemy Maalouf

The first line of Gemy Maalouf was launched with a purpose to make high-end designs available to all women. The deluxe collections consist of evening gowns with materials and cuts that richly reflect the refined beauty of the designer’s work. Stopping by at fashion week, meeting the designer for a bit and admiring the dresses from up close. I couldn't hold myself and had to try on one of the beautiful gowns, but it was a little bit too long for me, don't you think? ;)

bag: Gucci / top:  Filippa K / skirt: Filippa K / Hat: Asos (similar here) / Shoes: Mango

Gemy Maalof gowns

Strolling through the city


I grew up with a complete Chinese family, that means with Chinese food. So I alsways get excited to go to Chinatowns for food. So went right after the show for some hand-pulled noodles. blazer: H&M/ bag: Louis Vuitton / t-shirt: Maje / skirt: H&M / shoes: Mango

Guess Boots in Summer

Even though it was 35 degrees in New York City and the planet was on fire, I had to wear my golden Guess cowboy boots from the new FW18 collection. Yes it was hot, but the look is even hotter! dress: Monki (similar here) / bag: Chloé / Boots: Guess

Nana Judy

Next stop: Nana Judy Fashion Show. The new collection was absolutely stunning. Bomber jackets and cute shorties with chunky boots. The high light was seeing Winnie Harlow in action during the show!

Nana Judy  is different and unique which is what we stand for and transcends into each piece of our clothing, continuously pushing the boundaries of premium streetwear. NANA stands for loyalty and legacy, JUDY stands for unique and rare like the that of a Dalmatian’s spots.

Glenn Coleman

Omelya T-dress Omelya T-dress pulls off funky, original and provocative styles. As the name already introduces, their signal couture is an oversized T-dress. A variant form of this style was my beautiful white dress with glitter and a feather-like bottom part. I combined my oversized look with a cute belt, golden Nikes and a leopard bag. bag: Chloé / dress: Omelya T-dress / belt: Off White (similar here) / Sneakers: Nike

Sally LaPointe Sally LaPointe is a Women's Designer Ready-to-wear collection based in NYC. Their signature style are oversized knits. The Fashion week looks had a lot of pink and beige colours and it was really original and different. I wish I could every look I saw on this runway!

Art from the street of NYC

Dig Ferreira

During Fashion Week, we met Artist Dig Ferreira who worked on the streets illustrating people. His drawing was absolutely stunning and the craziest thing about it? He used his mouth as a tool!


blazer: Drykorn / top: Twin-set / trouser: Topshop / bag: Chloé /heels: Julian Hakes


bag: Gucci / top:  Filippa K / skirt: Filippa K / Hat: Asos (similar here) / Shoes: Mango

Estee Lauder

The Estée Lauder event was another bullet point on my bucket list. I love the brand and especially their lipstick collection! It was a pleasure to meet the model Grace Elizabeth, the ambassador of the Pure Color Desire collection <3




Dress: Self-Portrait bag: Chloé

new york fashion week estée lauder grace elizabeth chloe bag white dress
Lipstick Estee Lauder Pure desire


In NYC you have to make time for shoppings and Soho is one of my favorite places to go.


t-shirt: Topshop (similar here) / bag: Chloé/ shoes: Nike


One of my favorite looks in NYC. This kick ass look matches so well with the orange construction sight that you see everywhere on the streets of New York.


bag: Off White (similar here) / top: Twin-set / pants: Adidas