mrs jacobs outfit by Lily

Hi all! As you might know, I love to shop the main brands like Mango, Zara, Topshop etc. However, you really find the good stuff often in boutiques or in other (smaller) webshops. The fact is that those items are far more unique or rare. So I am always seeking for new boutiques and webshops to find something original.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across They sell very simple shirts, sweaters etc., with cool texts on it. I was scrolling through their website, and ended up with a full shopping basket, where I really had to narrow down my choice to a few items to safe my bank account. Seriously, take a look, at this webshop, you will love it!

Mrs jacobs outfit by Lily

Mrs Jacobs outfit by LilyWhat a cool sweater this is! I like it because it is oh so comfy! I also wear this sweater as my “chill” sweater when I am at home. Normally I use my boyfriends sweater, so I think he is happy that I don’t steal them as often anymore :) I need to order some more of these sweaters!

And then the Mango pants. I know I am not tall at all. These Mango pants are supposed to be short hehe.. Well.. I guess you can wear them like this as well if you are 1.56 meters! The print of the pants gives this casual outfit a chic twist. Just how I like it: CASUAL CHIC!

Mrs Jacobs outfit by LilyUnfortunately, the darker days are coming. Shooting pictures is a race against the clock (because most of the time, Nigel is photographing, and he has a day time job until 17.00). It is such a shame for the pictures, because the picture looks so much better in day light (and my face looks awfully pale in this light.. ugh…). In the 10 minutes that he took these pictures, the sun was no where to be seen anymore. Still, I wanted to show you these pics, it’s better than nothing I guess..



sweater: Fashaves / pants: Mango / heels: Zara / scarf: Topshop / bag: Mulberry

Thanks for reading again!! X
by Lily