Modern and vintage outfit

It has been way too long that I have posted an outfit. The #bloggerspopupsale kept me pretty occupied the last few weeks. Also, there are a lot of events lately, which is super fun, because I met so many great people to add in my growing network. Next to this I am also ill right now, the flu got to me again somehow. I keep ignoring this fact, because I still got to pack after finishing this article (it’s 02.00 am right now), to go to Prague for 4 days in a few hours!

Even though I am totally in this great flow right now, I must admit that I feel a little bit exhausted as well. I don’t really have the right to complain, since I am aware that I am very fortuned with everything in my life. I just wish we had more hours in a day to sleep ;)

I know I have promised to answer the blog questions this week (thank you for this btw!), but I am afraid I have to take a rain check on that. I postponed this article until next Wednesday, so I can take all the time to help you. I have plenty of time on the road, so this is a pinky promise to you, oke?!

More about today’s OOTD. The vintage Moschino bag gives the entire outfit a vintage feeling. Mixing old treasures with modern pieces keeps it interesting. I build my look around this bag in a hurry, which luckily worked out pretty fine :)

Have a nice Easter weekend darlings!! Keep you posted about my trip on Instagram (lily_hashtagbylily) & Snapchat (hashtagbylily)!

Modern and vintage Modern and vintage Modern and vintage Moschino vintage bag red green Modern and vintagePH by Nathalie Kemna

blouse: Mango
jeans: Zara
coat: Zara
heels: Topshop
sunglasses: Carrera
bag: Moschino

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