Meet Talk Blog Recap

Hi darlings.. You must be thinking: “another Meet, Talk & Blog post?!?!” hihi.. I promise this will be the last one for now. With this post I want to reflect on this wonderful day and introduce to you some lovely bloggers who attended this event.

As you may know, I am blogging for almost 5 months now. I had no clue beforehand that there were so many aspects involved of maintaining a blog. Sure I did a lot of research online, you can find a lot on this subject and you will learn a lot along the way.

However, the most valuable lessons that I have learned were when I met fellow bloggers in person at events. It’s about the practical information that can improve your blog tremendously, such as which PR agencies are out there, or which parties are interesting to approach for collaborations, or even making new friends to help each other out for photo shoots etc. I can actually name a hundred things that I want to discuss with a fellow blogger.

Now, most events are organized for invites only, which is often not feasible for a starting blogger. So that was my clue to start this Meet, Talk & Blog event. I wanted to meet MORE bloggers out there, talk to them about our passion and improve our blogs! And BANG 2 months later, I hosted a successful bloggers event to be proud of :)

Really, I was overwhelmed with nice reviews and congrats from people who didn’t even attended this event. I was on clouds for a few days to process everything haha..
I also made a fun Polaroid with each blogger as a gift from me to them as a souvenir. Below you will find a few cool bloggers who attended this event and some of them even dedicated a full blog post about this inspiring afternoon. Make sure you check them out ;)

1. Esther from My Confashions
It was so nice talking to these other bloggers with the same passion and love for fashion and blogging.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Confashions & Hashtag by Lily

2. Jessica from Sincerely J Cleany
I was so nervous at first, but as soon as we arrived you felt that you’re welcome feeling.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
J cleanie & Hashtag by Lily

3. Elke from Popcorn en pumps
“Naast mijn goodiebag nam ik ook een goede dosis positieve energie en inspiratie mee naar huis.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Popcorn en Pumps & Hashtag by Lily kopie

4. Charlotte from Lot of Style
“I was a bit nervous when I was on my way to the event. Luckily we started with a speed date to “brake the ice”.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Lot of Style & Hashtag by Lily

5. Christina and Alina from & Hashtag by Lily

6. Katleen from By Keet
“I got to meet Lily and more bloggers who are really interesting to talk to.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
By Kath & Hashtag by Lily

7. Lydia from White and Neon
“Lily did such a great job! By being a great host, creating a great and fun program for the event with lovely goodie bags.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
White and neon & Hashtag by Lily

8. Lauren from LaChanna
“Het was een event waar (beginnende/ervaren) bloggers ideeën konden uitwisselen, ongeneerd vragen stellen en kennis maken met mensen die dezelfde passie hebben als jijzelf.” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Lachanna & Hashtag by Lily kopie

9. Wouter from Glamcultkid
“Het was voor het eerst blog event dat Lily had georganiseerd, maar het leek wel alsof ze het tien keer eerder had gedaan.” Check out his Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Glam cult kid & Hashtag by Lily

10. Nikki from Fashionary Life
“Het was ontzettend leuk om zoveel nieuwe bloggers te ontmoeten!” Check out her Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Fashionary life & Hashtag by Lily

11. Fabrizia from Youniform
Youniform & Hashtag by lily

12. Esmeralda from Century Lifestyle
“Ik was echt onder de indruk van de inrichting van deze plaats. U kunt zien, adem en zelfs geur mode in het hele gebouw.” Check out his Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Century Lifestyle & Hashtag by Lily

13. Virgit from Preppy Fashionist
Preppy Fashionist & Hashtag by Lily kopie

14. Kevin from JustKVN
JustKVN & HashtagbyLily

15. Jois from Jois de Vivre
“The event was a huge success! Everything ran super smoothly and all the guests seemed to have enjoyed themselves a lot.” Check out his Meet, Talk & Blog post, here.
Jois de Vivre & Hashtag by Lily

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Lastly, I can look back with such a satisfying feeling. People are already asking me to organize the next one. Well, I don’t know when, but there will be definitely a follow up :) I will keep you posted! Until then, let stay in touch here on the blog ;)

By Lily