MBFWA SS15 report

Hi darlings! Yesterday you saw a post of my look to Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Amsterdam. Ready for some catwalk report?
It was the second time for me to attend the MBFWA and I can’t get enough of it! The concentration of fashion outside the shows is catwalk worthy already!

I wasn’t familiar with all the designers, nevertheless those 10 minutes of art on the catwalk is always an exhilarating expedition. Whether it is your style or not, you cannot deny the magic that is going on in front of you. It’s the whole vibe from the décor, lightning, music, models and the collection to interpreting the designer’s vision. I definitely enjoy these shows like no other and I can’t wait for the next Fashion week already?!

The quality of pictures was really depending on the position that we were seated. Front row would be the best place of course, but that was not the case ;) Next to that, I figured out that the best position was at the end of the catwalk (photography wise). You can clearly see this back in this report.

All collections that I saw were so different from each other. It is impossible to compare. See it for yourself in the photo report below.


Spijkers en Spijkers was the first show I attended. It was a stylish collection with fun factors in terms of color use and (banana) print on very pretty garments.

Spijkers en Spijkers SS15Spijkers en Spijkers SS15

Spijkers en Spijkers

Spijkers en Spijkers SS15

Vibrant Pakistan was a showcase of different designers. It was very amusing the see all the bright colors that enhances each other like an exotic oasis with details to jewellery that really blows your mind. This show took us 20 minutes to the east of the world.


Raja PakistanVibrant Pakistan
Raja Pakistan
Vibrant Pakistan


Bareezé Man

Vibrant Pakistan

Vibrant Pakistan


Vibrant Pakistan

Vibrant Pakistan

Vibrant Pakistan

Vibrant Pakistan



The Tony Cohen collection is the closest to my style that I would wear any time soon, but I already knew that beforehand. The show started and ended with the star of the show, Kim Feenstra. What a gorgeous woman she is. Sigh.. Wish I own the whole collection in my wardrobe ;)

Tony Cohen Tony Cohen Tony Cohen Tony Cohen Tony Cohen Tony Cohen Tony Cohen


Talking about art. Is was Dorhout mees that made me feel like I was dreaming. Everything from the music, lightning, models to the collection was just perfectly set up to create that fairy tale feeling.
Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees Dorhout Mees


I can tell and show you as much as I want, but the experience of shows like these can’t be put into words and images. Maybe a video will do, next time ;)
By the way, there was a camera flying above the catwalk that I had to show you. How cool is this thing?!

MBFWA Camera
By Lily