Magic body fashion bra review

Thursday’s posts are always a surprise! Well, surprise it is, because this is my very first review post! It always remains a challenge to create something good when you start something new. I hope I succeeded, I will let you be the judge.
My first review is about the ‘Magic bodyfashion’ bras, to be specific, the ‘Stay put bra’ and the ‘V-shaped bra’. I have been using products from this line for a while now. So when they asked me to review some other products, I happily accepted their offer. Besides, this is a great excuse to wear some cocktail dresses which were collecting dust in the wardrobe ;)

One of the bras that I have chosen is the strapless stay put bra. A decent strapless bra is a must in a women’s closet. I have been trying different brands to suit the cocktail dresses or summer tops. I usually only use them when it is really necessary, because it isn’t always comfortable. When I move too much, they will end up half way on my stomach (true story!). Plus they never give me the nice push up and support, what normal bras do.

Well, I am going to be totally honest with you. This isn’t a sales talk what so ever. But this ‘Stay put’ bra really solves ALL the issues that I have mentioned above! I have even worn this bra under a blouse that didn’t really needed the straplessness (if this is even a word ;)) here, and yet it functions perfectly, like you want it to be. A silicone technique is used to prevent the bra from slipping. Yes, I am very happy with this bra! I wish I got this bra in just black though instead of the leopard print :)

Below you will find three different types of dresses/tops as inspiration of how you can wear this bra underneath your clothes. It isn’t rocket science, but it is nice to see that everything is covered with no visible signs of the bra.

Leopard Stay put bra - Magic bodyfashion

V  bra reviews

Stay put bra €39,99


The other bra that I wanted to try was the V-shape bra. Maybe you have notice, but I often wear my clothes with a deep cleavage. Now, I know it is a trend now to intentionally show the beautiful lace triangle bra. But sometimes we need to be more ‘decent’ and classy, yet still a little bit sexy without spotting the bra.

I must say that if you want to wear this bra with a deep cleavage, like I did below, you will need some body stickers as well. Because the cleavage is not the problem then, but the tops are too loose fit to stay covered over the bra. Currently I am using the fashion tape from Magic bodyfashion for these kind of problems.

V bra - magic bodyfashions

Stay put bra reviews
V-Shape bra €34,99

My favorite is the ‘stay put bra’. I was really surprised with the result. I finally have found the perfect strapless bra! The ‘V-shape bra’ is also a nice addition, that I will use in the necessary situations.

Well I hope you liked my very first review post and that it is somehow useful to you. I was wondering if these kinds of review posts is something you would like to read every now and then on a ‘Surprise Thursday’? Or should I stick with the usual? I will let you decide :)

Happy Thursday!! X