Buuf Amsterdam

Hi everyone! Let me tell you a secret, I LOVE TO EAT!! hehe.. I guess you didn’t know that ;) Since a few weeks now, Nigel and I are spending quality time together on Sundays by exploring Amsterdam. I guess we have created a new Sunday ritual of our own: discovering new cool places to eat, drink and relax. I actually didn’t plan to make a post out of this, but after spending a whole rainy afternoon in this restaurant, I couldn’t help but absolutely love this place and recommend it to you!

Food Buuf Amsterdam

restaurant buuf amsterdam

We snapped a few photo’s of this restaurant with our iPhones, to give you an impression of this place. But really you should check out this place yourself to feel the ’60s/ ’70s ambiance and taste their lovely food!

The concept of Buuf is based on a self service system.

  1. You can order at the counter
  2. Order (picknick) online
  3. OR you can use “the smart butler” app on your phone to place your order and scan the QR code when you are at the restaurant.

When your food is ready, they will shout your (buzzer)name to pick up your food, and if you’re sitting outside they will buzz you in.

Food Buuf Amsterdam

left: Buuf burger, right: sandwich with humus, aubergine and paprika

Food Buuf Amsterdam

left: brownie, right: apple crumble pie

Their menu is very fresh and healthy (with minimal e-numbers and prepared in a traditional manner) for a very affordable price.

If you are in the neighborhood (by the way, buuf is a female neighbor (in old dutch)), I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Check out their website:

Bon appetit! X

by Lily