Looking at the same moon

— Personal —

Lately, my mind is making overtime thinking about ‘life’. Especially nowadays with so much horrible news everywhere in the world. I escaped Amsterdam last week to enjoy a weekend in Normandy. Today I got messages that there was an attack  in Rouen yesterday, where I just visited. What is happening?!

I just can’t get over the fact that people do that to people. The world is big enough right? No need for survival of the fittest, there are no zombies around (I have been watching too many episodes of “Walking dead” lol). We are living under the same roof, looking at the same sun and moon every single day.

I guess we are all in shock still. My parents are totally anxious of me traveling so much in these times. I do too, as my boyfriend is away every week. I hate that their terror is working, but it won’t stop me from traveling.

Anyhow, this piece has turned into another angle that I had in my mind. I wanted to talk about the moon, how I love the idea of that no matter from where you are reading this piece, we are looking at the same moon. But I just found out about the attack and wanted to address that here as well. 2 in 1 i guess ;) #worldpeace!

— The Look —

When we were in Normandy we stayed 1 night at hotel Cures Marines (review soon online), you can see the enormous white hotel in the backdrop. We went to dinner first and then raced back to the hotel to see the sunset. The beauty of this shoot is that it wasn’t planned at all. But that gorgeous full moon was too photogenic not to be captured. My Instagram hubby did a fine job making a full shoot of this.

I was wearing this summery lace jumpsuit with sneakers. I love the color of this jumpsuit and you can style it with sneakers and heels as well.

Looking at the same moon

Looking at the same moon

Trouville france sunset

Looking at the same moon

full moon

We are living under the same roof, looking at the same sun and moon every single day..

Looking at the same moon


— Outfit Details —

jumpsuit: Vero Moda (on sale)
shoes: Keds (on sale)

Location: Trouville; France
PH by Nigel Fung-A-Loi